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The near collision with a bear that I just posted (from +Guy Kawasaki) reminded me of this example of the dangers of texting,
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+Raphael Wohl -- It's not at all clear that this sort of augmented reality texting will help at all. In fact, it might make things worse. There is evidence that pilots using head-up displays are less likely to notice unexpected things than pilots who have to look away from their heading to view their instruments. Just because your eyes are directed at something doesn't mean that you'll see it -- if you're attending to your text, you aren't attending to the world behind it. Most people have the right intuition that they can't look away from where they're going for too long without losing track of their surroundings. But, with a head up display, they might have the mistaken sense that they are seeing everything. It gives a false sense of confidence without eliminating the risk.
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