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Daniel Simons
Psychology professor - Author - Speaker. Likes wearing gorilla suits in public
Psychology professor - Author - Speaker. Likes wearing gorilla suits in public

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A new journal at APS: AMPPS
I am thrilled to announce the launch of the newest journal published by the Association for Psychological Science (APS): Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science ( AMPPS ) I will been named the founding editor, and I have assembled what I ...

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Visual effort and inattentional deafness
Visual Effort and Inattentional Deafness Earlier this week I was asked for my thoughts on a new Journal of Neuroscience paper:  Molly, K., Griffiths, T. D., Chait, M., & Lavie, N. (2015). Inattentional deafness: Visual load leads to time-specific suppressio...

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HI-BAR: A gold standard brain training study?
A gold-standard brain training study? Not without some alchemy A HI-BAR (Had I Been A Reviewer) of:  Corbett, A., Owen, A., Hampshire, A., Grahn, J., Stenton, R., Dajani, S., Burns, A., Howard, R., Williams, N., Williams, G., & Ballard, C. (2015). The effec...

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A simple way to help solve the problem of distracted driving: Driving Mode. +Christopher Chabris and I write about it in this weekend's Wall Street Journal. 

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Response from Ballesteros et al to my HI-BAR
In late November, I posted a HI-BAR review of a paper by Ballesteros et al (2014) that appeared in Frontiers . In addition to a number of other issues I discussed there and in an earlier review of another paper, I raised the concern that the paper republish...

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Some background information and missing links from my recent New York Times op-ed, co-authored with +Daniel Simons, on false memories and the case of Neil deGrasse Tyson and George W. Bush.

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HI-BAR: More benefits of Lumosity training for older adults?
HI-BAR (Had I Been A Reviewer) For more information about HI-BAR reviews, see my post introducing the acronym Ballesteros S, Prieto A, Mayas J, Toril P, Pita C, Ponce de León L, Reales JM and Waterworth J (2014) Brain training with non-action video games en...

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Nice piece on different reasons to try direct replications in your research. 
Replicating Down vs. Replicating Up
More and more people are involved in replication research.
This is a good thing. Why conduct replication experiments? A major motivation for
recent replication attempts appears to have been because there are serious doubts
about certain findings. On that vi...

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HI-BAR: Benefits of Lumosity training for older adults?
HI-BAR (Had I Been A Reviewer) A post-publication review of Mayas J., Parmentier, F. B. R., Andrés P., & Ballesteros, S. (2014) Plasticity of Attentional Functions in Older Adults after Non-Action Video Game Training: A Randomized Controlled Trial. PLoS ONE...

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Another video that made me happy

Great for anyone who likes New Orleans jazz or 1980s rock. 
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