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Twitter Strategy: How, When and What You Should Consider Tweeting

Do you think your Twitter sharing strategy could use some improvement...

And maybe even a little automation? 

After all making progress and seeing results in social media has a lot to do with productivity or spending your minutes more wisely.

And with that in mind, this post aims to help you:
  - Share your own content more effectively
  - Find and curate content more effectively

You can read it right here:

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+Daniel Sharkov very well done!
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Daniel Sharkov

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Considering getting into professional blogging? 

It goes pretty much without saying that WordPress should be your platform of choice. 

With that out of the way however, the process of setting everything up is just starting...

Take a look at the detailed tips in this post for the 15 most important considerations on setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog! 

See the tips here:
15 Tips For Setting Up Your Self-Hosted WordPress Site by +Fabulous Blogging 

New to the blogging world? Wordpress? Here are some important points to keep in mind when setting up a hosted Wordpress site by +Julie DeNeen

1. Not all hosting companies are created equal.
2. Decide if you need multi-site before installing WordPress.
3. Decide where to install WordPress (root directory or subdomain).
4. Choose a framework, not a customized out-of-the-box theme.
5. Start with few plugins.
6. Decide on a permalink structure before you begin.
7. Use a CDN and caching plugin to deliver your site quickly to your readers.
8. Organize from the start. Create hierarchical categories, tags, and parent pages.
9. Save your images and graphics as progressive JPGS.
10. Optimize your database to keep it from getting bogged down with queries.
11. Do not write your copy in a formatted Google or Microsoft Doc.
12. Turn off user registrations, and other general settings.
13. Create a backup plan and schedule.
14. Create a security plan.
15. Customize your dashboard and user profiles.

Read all @
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Better late than never, right? Terrific post and references. Thanks!
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12 Most Sensible Ways to Deal with Online Bullies and Trolls by +Peg Fitzpatrick 

I'm pretty sure everyone who is in some way involved with social media sites has had to deal with bullies, trolls, haters and negativity in general at some point...

And the question is what is the best way to resolve such issues? 

Do you fight back or you just leave it be? 

Well in the following post you will discover how some of the top social media influencers including +Guy Kawasaki and +Chris Brogan deal with the problem. 

Check out the post right here:

#trolls   #criticism   #socialmedia  
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+Meloney Hall great response to have you found Christ/Allah/etc....
Yes! He's in the trunk! 
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6 Random Tips for the Most Popular Social Platforms Right Now

Are you serious about promoting your brand or blog? 

Then chances are you already have accounts on the most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus...

But the thing is simply posting a few status updates is not going to make the cut! 

Knowing some of the "shortcuts" to more interaction and clicks can prove helpful.

And the following post is namely about showing you six ways to improve your social media efforts starting now! 

Read it all here:

Some of the points you will see covered:

   ►  How to find relevant people to follow on Twitter
   ►  How Triberr can be of use to you
   ►  How to make more use of your Facebook profile
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Hootsuite   seems to be an easy way in which to manage your social media sites.   its worth checking out   ....   Antonio Santos and Hootsuite.
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Social Media Ads: Experiment and Results by +John Paul Aguiar 

Are you considering advertising on social media sites? 

While that might be a step in the right direction, it might be worth doing some research first. 

And in this post, John experiments and shares his advertising experience with Facebook, Reddit and Twitter ads.

Definitely take a look to get a better idea of some of the pros and cons of those three advertising options.

Here is the link:

#socialmedia   #twitter   #facebook   #advertising  
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Too busy, not clear enough, and hard to navigate. Makes your message too difficult for disability software. 
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And the battle of the browsers begins... at least we know who the loser is. lol

Seriously anyone who actually uses and likes Internet Explorer? 
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+Andy Liu hmm, strange maybe they updated it. I will look into that.
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That is why we should always look for ways to get things done as productively and time-effectively as possible...
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Well said...
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11 Reasons Why No One Listens to You and What to Do About It

So you are into blogging, you are writing, you are publishing content...

The question is does it actually feel like there's someone at the other end? 

While some blogs end up drawing in a huge audience right from the start, others struggle to bring a handful of visitors in months. 

If you feel like you are closer to the latter group, there might just be a way (ways) to improve results...

The following post goes through eleven of the possible reasons why people might not be listening to you and offers ideas on how to solve the problem! 

Check it out here:

#blogging   #marketing   #socialmedia  
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:) I'm looking forward to more of your content!!
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NEW: "4 Twitter Tips to Help You Get More from the New Redesign"

Did you already switch to the updated Twitter profiles? 

There seems to be a lot of criticism about this update, with some people saying Twitter is trying to copy Facebook. 

But then again whether we like or dislike the new profile layout, fact is it is here to stay. 

That is why we need to start looking for ways to make the most out of it! 

And today I would like to show you the pros and how to use them to your advantage! 

Check out the post right here:

Some of the key points include:

  ► Why you might need to change your profile picture
  ► What you should consider pinning and how
  ► Why you should focus even more on images

#socialmedia   #twitter   #marketing  
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Thank you +Gary Hyman! Answering those questions is always the goal. :)
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Hey friends, I hope your week is coming along nicely! :)

Meanwhile if you are having trouble staying inspired, take a look at those suggestions: 

Source: +24Slides.

#inspiration   #motivation  
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Thanks for sharing this tip...does make sense
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4 Important Content Marketing Facts You Should Wrap Your Head Around 

Content marketing is here to stay. That by all means isn't a bad thing, as content can greatly help you build your brand. 

And it goes without saying that blogging and content marketing go together. But while writing and publishing posts might seem simple, it's far from that.

One of the reasons why a lot of bloggers fail at content marketing has to do with various misconceptions and mistakes.

The following post takes a look at four content marketing facts that you need to grasp in order to really make progress! 

You can read the post here:

Some of the key points include: 

   ►  The correlation between content length and sharing
   ►  Articles are NOT the only things that's considered content
   ►  Quality does NOT guarantee social sharing 

#marketing   #content   #blogging  
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Why You Should Use Images on Twitter and 3 Tips to Doing it Right

I can bet you have a Twitter account! 

And that's great. We all know Twitter is a good way to bring more exposure to our blogs and businesses,.

But when tweeting, have do you ever take the time to upload an image with your message?

Might not seem like a big deal, but it turns out images can really help you draw more attention.

The following post reveals why that is so and how you can make the most of Twitter images.

You can read it right here:

Some key takeaways include:

   ►  Tweets with an image receive 94% more RTs
   ►  They also get 89% more favorites
   ►  Good dimensions to start with are 550px x 300px

#twitte   #marketing   #socialmedia   
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Excellent Daniel. The statistics (picture) paint a thousand words.
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