Photos from my circles
This is what I see when I open the Photos tab. There is definitely a filtering process being applied, as these do not correspond to the latest photos posted by people in my stream.
One of the things I enjoyed the most, and was a big differential to other sites such as Flickr, was the ability to enjoy the photos from my carefully selected circles, which reflected my preferences. This has now been taken away from me - I no longer have any say on what is shown!!!
I have yet to receive some kind of feedback or statement from the Google+ Photo team in this respect...
Do you see something analogous in your stream (i.e., some kind of filtering)?
Please reshare! (Hopefully if many of us manifest ourselves, perhaps with some help from some "heaviweights" such as +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Robert Scoble +Colby Brown +Jay Patel +Varina Patel +Brian Matiash etc..., we'll get some response...)
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