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Daniel Salvati
:: lignixz :: computer programmer artist :: D :: chased by reds neo marxists in Venezuela :: @wonderlandkaos
:: lignixz :: computer programmer artist :: D :: chased by reds neo marxists in Venezuela :: @wonderlandkaos
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Javascript language design.

With the ES6 javascript update, now there are four ways to define functions in javascript:

Function declarations, which are hoisted
Function expressions. Not hoisted
From function constructor: Allows to create functions from strings
Arrow functions: “this” lexically bound. Can't be used as constructors. Not hoisted.

There are more capabilities now. But also more special cases that need to be remembered. This is bad language design. A good design can provide the same capabilities with only one or two ways.

This same situation happens in many other aspects of javascript. All these special cases make a language less efficient to use. Good language design is about striking a balance of doing more with less.

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qiq.js is an architecture for reactive, dataflow programming in javascript. I made it for use in xoL( ) programming language. xoL will have reactive programming capabilities built in. qiq follows xoL design goals of minimalism and simplicity. It is easy to understand and use. It is object based, because that approach is the best fit for xoL design.

xoL revision 10 rough specs are complete. This revision is looking very good, and at the moment I am very happy with it. I may start work on the second generation prototype soon. I am going to make the first prototype public, as I start work on the much improved second one.
Fund collecting will remain open. Anyone interested in investing in this project, contact me. I will provide more details soon.

I want to escape to some country in north Europe. Venezuela has turned into a big mess, run by red marxists. The country is worsening.

Reds wanted me to join them. I saw many strange tricks. I will never join them, because they are a disaster.

My communications: phone, email, anything on internet, have been sabotaged. If someone is trying to communicate with me, and I am not answering, that is the cause. I didn't look at remote jobs, because my internet activity was being monitored and sabotaged.

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Google project Magenta first machine generated song:
A simple melody with very nice musicality. Looks like machine generated musci is going to be important very soon.

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Riot.js ( is a brilliant minimalist javascript framework. That I find better than others. The elegant design got a lot of things right. Does a lot with less. It is a great option just for its excellent design. Or in particular if you don't want the juggernaut approach of angular 2, or prefer to avoid the messy jsx of React.

It allows to create simple and elegant components to build web apps. Components are made of three things:
* html enhanced with reactive expressions and structural directives, with an easy syntax.
* Styles that can or not be scoped to components.
* javascript with a well designed simple API (or typical transpiled languages)

It has one way data flow from top to bottom. It is easy to implement the Flux pattern on it. Virtual DOM with client side rendering, precompilation or server side rendering. There is a great community:

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A blog post about the victory of AlphaGo AI against Lee Sedol, one of the top Go players in the world:

AlphaGo victory showcases spectacularly that advances in AI, are ready to provide real world benefits. It provides palpable evidence that AI actually can surpass humans in complex tasks. The immediate effect will be increased confidence in AI techniques, and investment in the field. As an AI enthusiast I would like to see more risky research toward general AI.

Read more on the linked blog post.

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Working on a Polymer demo app. It can be seen here: . Polymer is an nice framework that deserves more popularity. Current version focuses mostly on the view part. Somewhat similar to react. The polymer approach consist of components. Encapsulate functionality in pieces. It does a great job of bringing the component approach to html, which is not an easy task. I look forward to Polymer evolution in the future. There have been mentions of a carbon set of components, that would cover the more data oriented part of apps.

xoL: Icon based programming.

xoL. A programming language where programs are represented with sets of icons arranged on grids. Under construction. Find more about it on its page: It is something I have been working on. As an enthusiast of graphical interfaces, I believe that xoL will be a great programming environment. Here: I explain some of the reasons why, I think that icon based programs could be great.

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