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Daniel Sacks
Founder Tesla Motors Club, Psychology Student,
Founder Tesla Motors Club, Psychology Student,

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Oneplus X = 5'' display
Iphone 6s = 4.7'' display
Nexus 5 = 4.95'' display

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Go to for more info.
In addition to PowerWall, the 16,000GWh PowerPak. 

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At Tesla Motors home battery unveiling. It's called the PowerWall! 

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Man gets fairly and DEMOCRATICALLY elected to position of women's officer (to address discrimination), feminists get upset and successfully demand he resigns AND apologize !

"The fact I have been ridiculed for trying to serve the women of this campus and our community more broadly is extremely disappointing...How can we expect our men to stand up for women if they are mocked and insulted for trying to help the cause."

The student union has since introduced a requirement that candidates for the position sign a statutory declaration confirming they identify as female.

President Heidi La Paglia could not explain why Mr Ritchie polled much higher than the female student who contested the position.

"Whether James had good intentions or not, he does not fit that description, we think it's right that he has stepped out of this role," she said.

His resignation letter:

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If Android Wear had launched with this same exact form and UI, people would have ridiculed it endlessly.

I originally said that in September ( Can't help but think the same today.

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In case you missed it: VC Steve Jurvetson @dfjsteve on self driving cars from his keynote at TMC Connect 2014

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"El amor es más fuerte que el odio"
Charlie Hebdo

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Why The Verge is Called iVerge Revealed by Latest Bendgate Article

Some of you may remember that, the other day, Verge Editor Dan Seifert experienced Apple's #Bendgate problem for himself. Not only did his new iPhone bend, but it did so while protected by a case.

Given the unfortunate decision by +The Verge​​ to spend little time reporting on Bendgate, most of which amounted to repeating Apple's official statements and comparing bending iPhones to bending bananas, this would have been a great time for a mea culpa. He could have even shown that at least he had journalistic integrity, by acknowledging that Bendgate has been a real problem for many and by calling on Apple to be more transparent about the extent of the problem.

Instead he spent much of his article describing what a joy it was to take it to be returned at his local Apple Store. Leaving aside his unprovable conviction that they could not have known he was a Verge journalist (as if it would have been implausible for Apple to learn about his Tweets, identify his nearest Apple Store, and circulate an image of him to employees), he seems utterly oblivious to the reality that not everyone trying to return their bent phones has enjoyed such impeccable customer service. Let alone the fact that millions and millions of people don't live near Apple Stores and can't count on Apple to fix their phone if it suffers this defect.

No, given the chance to prove he isn't just another iVerge writer, Mister Seifert's article says very little except how great Apple Customer Service is (to him), what an awesome phone the new iPhone is, and why he'd never change his mind about buying one. If he can be said to offer any sort of apology, it isn't much, little more than a matter-of-fact acknowledgement that the bending can happen with normal use.

This is the sad state of modern tech journalism. This isn't an Editor for Cult of Mac, but a publication that pretends to give unbiased information that readers can rely upon. iVerge, indeed.


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