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Daniel Rezac

Problems / Issues  - 
Question- multiple teachers. I added a "co-teacher" to a homework assignment and goobric. However- each of us can only see the grades for the students we individually have graded.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? We both have access to everything and are shared on everything. 
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
Noticing on the New (or bare naked) Google+, Events seem to have gone. I have no question- only to say that this is a TOTAL bummer. I like how they were easily able to share with a community, so that you could create a workshop or party and invite that group.

I see that events is still in the OLD G+.

Does that signal its death knell +Bradley Horowitz? 
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Remember, the new Google+ is still very much a beta product. You can always switch back to the classic version.
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
There was a time when staff was really worried about putting any "confidential" files related to students, student behavior or otherwise in a Google Doc. Fear that it would be accidentally shared to a student or group email always seemed to be there. 

Do you find that that is still the case? Or are some of you using these "File Vaults" that have extra security for Google Docs? 
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I didn't specifically mean one click. I'm talking about some of our staff that gets very confused with technology, and accidentally clicking share with public, moving the file to a public folder, editing an already public file with information that should be public, etc. I'm assuming I'm not the only one who has worked with staff members thinking, "how the heck did they manage to do that!"

I am all for using Google Drive and am really not afraid of this issue whatsoever. Just saying I can see this being more of an issue on Google Drive than on a local sever.
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
Teacher Chromebooks? 

What does the zeitgeist think about going with all teacher Chromebooks next year? Too soon?  Big part of me would love to make this happen, but of course, I'm worried about those who will desire Photoshop or other programs that CBs don't currently offer. And for teacher Chromebooks: Pixels? Yogas? Other options? The other part of things that I worry about is management. Having Macs, iPads, Androids, and PCs- there's not a MDM that handles all of these well at all. 

+Ryan Bretag  you might have a thought about this. 
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I've never seen a SMARTBoard that allows a Chromebook to be utilized as a Mouse... Our teachers would even appreciate that capability... I'd love to see the Model# that the twit(ter) user was referring to.

For one thing, there is Calibration... Completely absent on Chromebooks (though, the Developers have been made aware of this missing functionality).
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
Anyone suggest students use Lastpass or other extension to keep passwords safe? 
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Possible to use Google's latest iteration of their password manager, as it's already baked in:
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
At some point, I heard that Chrome updated to disable Developer Mode. But I have a few crafty students who have managed to basically power wash their device and dual boot it with Linux. They powerwashed- then just logged in with their Quest accounts and seemed to skirt around Enterprise Enrollment. 

I'm all for curious students, and they were trying to find a way to run MATLAB- which is a coding environment. Very cool.  Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this happening anywhere else? 

Gracias for your ideas and thoughts. 
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I added and quoted your issue here:

I'm not at school, so I can't double check some if this stuff today, but, truth be told I have never seen this be consistent. Many times I have seen enterprise enrollment get skipped, often having to re-wipe the device. I'm unsure of what the magic sauce is that makes it happen. 
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Daniel Rezac

Moonshot  - 
Getting a close-up view of Mondopad (55 inch). 
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
Anyone have an idea with this elusive Chromebit is going to be available:
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I suppose if you want to use Chrome Sign Builder- then you've got to manage them. So this is the same as purchasing the Admin Management Console for a regular CB. 
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
We're getting server errors on Enterprise Enrollment. Anyone experiencing problems? 
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We're back on.
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
Here's a question. I have an admin who loves to capture video throughout the day, and wants to share those with parents. 

He uses an iPhone, but when you mass email an entire grade of parents a video- it doesn't always play on a non-iPhone. I suggested a couple of things. Upload/Backup to Google Photos and share from there. However- the Google Photos backup on the iPhone (for video) takes a little extra time. 

The other thing would be to share to GDrive- but the upload time is the same issue, because Apple throttles GDrive uploads, and it's just not fast enough. 

We've been avoiding YouTube, mostly because these are more intimate classroom moments- that we don't really want to be on YT. 

Any ideas? I thought about as a method to do some quick sharing, but I still have the video hosting problem. 
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Our AUP stipulates that we may use images of students, including their names, and parents have the opportunity to opt out by filing a paper. So much easier than trying to manage who has explicitly given permission. I feel for you guys. That would be difficult to manage.
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
Wasn't there at tool or feature that allowed someone to search their gmail, drive, and everything all at once? Can't seem to find that. 
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Labs, or extension?
Give feedback to Google that you miss it!
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Management  - 
Question about non-Chromebook Chrome settings: I have a PC lab and a Mac station that kids use- they log into Chrome here. 

Problem I'm seeing: kids are forgetting to log out, or are also saving their passwords on these machines- which could potentially be accessed by other students. 

There's also a nifty way in Chrome settings to "show password" which could further make things interesting. 

Is there any way to make sure that each time they use Chrome (not on a Chromebook)- they get a "clean" version, logged out and all? 
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For Macs- the web tells me to change Chrome preferences to uncheck autofill, and to make sure Chrome isn't allowed to save passwords in Keychain. However- EVERY time you open Chrome now, it asks if you want to save your passwords in Chrome Safe Storage. I do not want that to ask kids, cause they'll always choose allow. 
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