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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
We've been having a lot of issues with Chromecast bumping kids out lately. It seems to happen more with the old Samsung CBs- but quite honestly- I've seen it with others as well.

Are there some Chromecast best practices that I've missed? My kids seemed to have found a method using the Internal Display feature that seems to fix issues. Could this be a Display orientation thing? 
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Nah. Not it
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
Misconception: I thought that devices needed to be enterprise enrolled by an administrator. Since I thought this, I've been constantly changing my devices over into other OUs, because they've been going into the OU of myself- the administrator.

This was totally an assumption on my part because- this is enterprise enrollment- just makes sense. I know the error of my ways .

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I had help enrolling two years ago as well. In my opinion I work with the greatest of techs
We are a team like no other
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Daniel Rezac

Shared publicly  - 
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
Want to work in a maker lab? Quest Academy is looking for a STEM Tech Teacher to work their magic with students in our maker lab. We're a 1-1 Chromebook school, and are swimming in Google Docs, so definitely looking for someone who is very Googly.

You can check out our YouTube Channel to see some of the cool things Quest kids make here:

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Daniel Rezac

Marketplace Apps  - 
So- I haven't looked at WEVideo in a while, but has it improved any? I've never been a huge fan of it. It was always kind of klunky and not super efficient. Being an iMovie man- Wevideo was always a bit of a frustration. Are there any new tools on the cloud-video editing front?

I was hoping Google would have launched something by now, but still waiting! Thoughts? 
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Youtube editor is simply for making 1 cut. That's not really a full functioning editor.  We should not be satisfied with these options. The market will answer our calls if we demand it. But if we just say "it's good enough" then we'll never get better options on this front. 
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Daniel Rezac

#GEGCHI Events  - 
We're hosting the suburb's first Maker Faire here in Palatine next month, and our call for makers is open! If you have any inventive students- or want to present your own creativity- we'd love to have you!

Join us or register to attend with your family! It's going to be an awesome day!
Calling all makers, inventors, creators, artists, startups, and more. How would you like to be part of most amazing Show and Tell in the world? If you’re new to this, Maker Faire is a venue, …
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - This game is driving us a bit crazy. There are cloned versions of it coming out everywhere. I personally don't mind if kids play a game or two on the Chromebook, and we're all about D.Citizenship here. Just finding it distracting. One gets blocked- and others pop up. And it's May!

One kid handed me this link. Thought +GoGuardian Support might be interested. An entire site for getting around blocked games.

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I agree we will never be able to block every site. I also agree some teachers have better classroom management than others. I view it as a tradeoff - if I can block some of the more popular stuff and make it harder for them to find games the teachers will have more of a chance to catch them.

More importantly less gaming means less track bad and keyboard abuse
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
Disabling Guest Mode= not working.

I've had guest mode disabled for a while- but not all of our CBs are pulling down that policy.

Question: I'm having the problem where some of our devices are not being placed in OUs based on the user- but on the DEVICE.

How to I rectify that? I tried powerwashing the device- have the user log in: should that work?

We had initially had our devices enroll in a holding OU for our CB admins- which has different policies. Looks like many of our devices are now using THAT policy- which is a little lax. 
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We're also setup with separate OUs for devices than for users. Right now we're in a cart environment so at a top level we have a devices OU, then school OUs under that, then cart OUs under that. This allows us to push device settings such as Cloud Print printers, Public Kiosk, and Single App Kiosk Apps down to a building or individual cart level.

That being said, when we get to a 1:1 situation we may move our Chromebooks under appropriate OUs underneath our Students OU.
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Devices  - 
We often use the Wallpaper featured to send out news. I removed the wallpaper a few weeks ago, but many of the students still have it. I actually took a look at one kid's Chromebook, and for the life of me couldn't understand why his policy wasn't being refreshed.

There are a few others like this. Any ideas? Should I wipe? 
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Of course, but how fun is that every time I close the lid, or leave the CB to idle past the limit? 
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Daniel Rezac

Google Apps  - 
Ghost Hangouts in Gmail? Anyone notice hangouts in gmail appearing as invisible?

I've been using a lot of group hangouts lately- and this is weird.

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+Arturo Garcia​ here's your proof! More proof that the walls of Hangouts are getting older and unkempt. 
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Daniel Rezac

Chrome Management  - 
OU Question regarding devices-

I was under the understanding that when a student logged into a new device- that device was placed into the OU that the student is in.

We're doing NWEA testing- and many of their devices aren't receiving the kiosk mode. To make it work, I'm forcing the entire device into the OU. Not what I was made to understand about OUs.

Does that mean that not only do you have to place the student in the OU- but you also have to separately place every device in that OU as well?

That seems inefficient.

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Yeah, I thought the original instructions from NWEA wanted us to make sure that exiting the app was not possible. When you have public session turned in, yes, they can click the X at the top right, but it just reopens the MAP app right away. 
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Daniel Rezac

Discussion  - 
It's been a while since I asked this question, but has the problem of students logging into multiple gmail accounts from their Chromebooks been solved?  Is there a simple way to prevent that? 
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People have been giving feedback to Google on this issue for a couple years now, +Kim Nilsson​. They haven't figured out a real solution, yet. 
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