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PSA: Promoting gamergate will get you banned without warning. Using words like S■W, c■■k w■■te kn■■■t and other right wing hate vocabulary in an affirmative way will get you banned without warning. Starting or promoting witch hunts will get you banned without warning.

Constructive criticism of the game's various flaws is welcome.

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Congratulations FBI. You're endangering the lives of political dissidents and persecuted minorities worldwide.

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The takeaway here is that 4-digit-PINs, while convenient, are inherently insecure. No software vodoo can change that. Apple shouldn't have created false expectations.
Even the Secure Enclave might not be as useful as people thought it is.

This might end with backdoor-less encryption being outlawed, so that only the bad guys can continue to protect their privacy.

PSA: This is still a Mass Effect community. You might praise the new Star Wars movie all day for having such a diverse cast with members of minorities in leading roles (or you might feel oppressed because not every important character is a straight white male) but this is not the place for it. Thanks!

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Drive for Linux confirmed? /s "When you store important files in Google Drive they’re not only safe, they’re accessible from any device." 
New Drive updates across Android, iOS, and web include a new search experience to get you better results — even faster.

Learn more:

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Spot the design oversight.

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Definitely not cool, Amazon!
And some websites are even buying Amazon's story that Google is to blame. I'm looking at you, Gizmodo!

To me, the new Photos app is a disappointment.
There is just no sane way to share an entire album with another person!
If I want to do this, I have to use a link. Everyone who comes to know this link can access the photos.
By cutting ties with Google+, the photos team threw out the baby with the bathwater.

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Thought experiments: You're doing it wrong! ;-)

I just deleted a bunch of people from my circles. I kind of had to, because Google+ was spamming my birthday calendar.
This calendar is useful if I see only birthdays I care about, not if every G+ contact appears there. This is one way of reducing the usefulness of G+.
Very clever, Google!
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