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Street Fighter X Mega Man!? Coming December 17!? And it's FREE?!?! 

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How to develop JEDI Focus by, my Cole's notes version:

4 pillars of JEDI Focus:
1 - develop a habit of getting enough sleep
2 - don't eat simple carbs while working
3 - understand your biorhythm and work with your body, not against it
4 - don't rely on willpower, develop a routine

working routine - 5 step structure:
1 - Remember why you're doing a task and motivate yourself.
2 - Define the task.
3 - Remove distractions.
4 - Start working and listen to your body (see 3 above for biorhythm).
5 - Reward yourself.

Check the link for more details.

How much would an HST increase of 2% affect the "average" New Brunswicker?

The average weekly salary is $788.79 (StatsCan

The net weekly take home assuming no children/dependents is $609.49 (use the CRA payroll deductions calculator -

This means the annual take home is $31,693.48.

If you spent all of this on HST eligible purchases (which you don't as most food [prepared food is taxed] and housing [except heat/lights if separate] aren't HST eligible), you could buy $28,047 worth of goods with HST at 13%. If HST was 15% you could buy $27,560 worth of goods. A difference of $488. Over 52 weeks, this is only $9.38 a week. A pack of smokes a week, a 6-pack of beer on the weekend, the upper echelon of internet/tv packages a month, a Tim's coffee each morning, or switch your smartphone plan from Bell to Koodo.

Obviously total consumption would decrease as you cannot purchase the same amount as before, but the loss of this potential HST is more than offset by the increase of 2% by $425. (Here's the math is you are interested: $488 x 13% = $63 in HST lost due to decrease in before tax purchasing power. Compare this to the increase in HST collected from your net earnings: $4,134 [$27,560 x 15%] less $3,646 [$28,047 x 13%] = $488 increase in HST due to 2% increase. Net increase in HST paid on net take home = $425).

In the grand scheme of things, an HST increase of 2% won't affect the average New Brunswick as I stated above, there are numerous ways which we can cut from our daily lives to make up for the loss in spending power.

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At least Google Plus is looking consistent and doesn't have a bunch of loose-scrolling ends moving all over the screen. +Mark Zuckerberg if you change things to what you think they should be, please give an easy option to change back to basic, at least until you finalize your new design.

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All I can say is wow, the US missed a bombshell, take a read of the "Acceptable Collateral"section.
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