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*From #Dropbox to #GDrive *

Are you switching? Why, why not?
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Not (yet). Dropbox has become an integrated part of how i do things. and i'm quite happy with how it all works.

I need something better to get me to move. I'd probably use both for a while.
Sounds fair enough - I used it a lot and had some collaborations/shared folders, but I have no problems moving. But I think or at least hope that Google will tweak Drive so it will be a little more like and even better than Dropbox, in an update(soon).
+Daniel Petersen just look what Google has done with G+ in less than a year!

I'm very confident they will come up with some clever ideas and/or expand the service.

But since i use Google Apps, it will probably take a while before it becomes available to me.
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