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Still trying to solve x!
Still trying to solve x!

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+Simon Sinek's new talk is on the same level, if not better, than his "Start with why" talk!

Just watch it:

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Getting to those last 10%!
#TBT to last week when we announced that our self-driving cars have driven more than 2 million fully autonomous miles on public roads. In terms of hours on the road, that's the equivalent of 300 years of driving experience! With all this real-world driving, we're getting lots of practice in challenging situations. In the last few months, we've come across everything from horseback riders in the middle of the street to a man wielding a chainsaw (don't worry, he was trimming trees!). All of this experience is bringing us closer to making fully self-driving cars a reality.

For more on how our cars are mastering the hardest parts of driving, check out this blog post from our head of self-driving technology, Dmitri Dolgov.

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Says it like it is!

I do some of the things he mentions, though. But don't we all ;-)

By the way, 67 times has the word been used, including the picture!

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Here are my results:

Reshared by +Eric Jensen​
Moral Machines

The Moral Machine game developed at and hosted by MIT presents a series of philosophical trolley problems for people to determine what behaviour an autonomous vehicle should take in the case of its brakes failing and some combination of passengers and pedestrians being at risk. This follows recent coverage this year over whether autonomous cars might have to make decisions that affect innocent people’s lives. You’ll get 13 scenarios and can take the test multiple times before any chance of seeing the same scenario again.

Factors that influence your moral choices in the presented trolley problems include the number of people and their age, fitness, sex, pregnancy, criminality, social value, the presence of animals, and whether the pedestrians are breaking the law or not. Once done you’ll get a results page that compares your overall answers to the average of others who have played the game. This can sometimes vary however (low statistical sampling with only 13 scenarios at a time) as I found it sometimes said I had a bias to save women, whereas I felt I was gender-neutral on the whole and didn’t often consider sex as a factor.

Anyway, have a play and please share your results via a link in the comments if you can.

Some of my test results:

For the image for this post I chose one of the scenarios that I was presented that I found morally ambiguous or morally controversial because it might make for a good discussion. In this scenario I chose to stay straight and not swerve, potentially killing or harming a child and three adults including a pregnant woman. Oh, and a dog. And sparing the one man.

My rationale is that the innocence of that one man is more important. He is crossing the road legally and, if anything, would be looking out for traffic coming from the other direction and so less likely to see the autonomous car swerve to hit him and so more likely to be killed completely innocently. The others have all made the decision to break the law and cross the road illegally; in so doing they are probably more likely to be aware of traffic coming from that direction and more likely to have a chance to move out of the way of the car. They should be held personally responsible for their decision to cross when they shouldn’t and their collective negligent or criminal decision to cross should not cost the innocent man his life; if it does so then they might all be charged with manslaughter or at least as an accomplice to such. The dog is irrelevant.


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Tesla in a nutshell:

Raw Material Input | Bunch of Stuff Happens | Finished Goods Output

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+Laszlo Bock is leaving as Head of People Operations at Google. He who created the foundation of how Google is hiring and treating employees (the best company to work for in world for the last decade).

It is sad to see him leave, but also exciting to see what Eileen Naughton will change to make it an even better place. She has been at Google for 10 years now, so the company isn't new to her.

Thank you, +Laszlo Bock.

Congratulations to +Eileen Naughton and good luck!
It's been an absolutely tremendous 10 years with @LaszloBock. We'll be on the lookout for amazing things to come. @EileenTNaughton: we're uncomfortably excited for what we're going to achieve next!

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#Danish #dansk
Ikke mere 'Big Data'. Mere 'Small Data'

Jeg har læst Buyology og vidste fra det punkt at +Martin Lindstrom er den rette at kigge efter når det kommer til marketing.

I den her artikel kommer han lidt henover hvorfor 'Big Data' bare er blevet til et buzz-ord og hvorfor man skal fokusere mere på 'Small Data'. Kort sagt dog handler det om at 'Big Data' er for uoverskueligt mens at men med 'Small Data' kan gå ind i detaljerne og på den måde finde en løsning.

Jeg deler sjældent artikler fra BT, men jeg må sige at den her var god.

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Take action and sign if you want net neutrality! 
Om 4 dage kan det i Europa blive besluttet, at nogen skal have flere rettigheder og muligheder på nettet end andre.

Vedtages beslutningen, får din internetudbyder bl.a. mulighed for at bestemme, hvilken trafik og tjenester, der er "vigtige" (mod betaling) og omvendt nedprioritere trafik og tjenester, som "ikke er vigtige" (dem, der ikke har råd til at "køre på motorvejen").

Læs mere i linket herunder, og skriv under, hvis du er enig og vil være med til at bevare netneutraliteten, så mulighederne på nettet forbliver ens for alle.

#netneutralitet   #netneutrality  

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Google Local Guides Connect is now open to the public. Give it a try!

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This one is incredible! :-)
What happens before nightfall?

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