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At #ICFP !

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Absurdly impressive

"This is a Ruby program that generates Scala program that generates Scheme program that generates ...(through 50 languages)... REXX program that generates the original Ruby code again."

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Everyone knows (surely!) the definition of Monad:

record Monad (C : Category) : Set where
   F : Endofunctor C
   η : Id C ⇒ F
   μ : F ∘ F ⇒ F

   unitˡ : μ ∘ (F ^∘ η) ≡ id
   unitʳ : μ ∘ (η ∘^ F) ≡ id
   assoc : μ ∘ (μ ∘^ F) ≡ μ ∘ (F ^∘ μ)

It is also known that the types in HoTT are ∞-groupoids, which are obviously categories. The question then is -- what is a monad on a HoTT type?

Taking an ∞-groupoid A instead of C, we note that:
* Morphisms on C are identities between elements of A
* Endofunctors on C are functions (A → A)
* Natural transformations are identities between the functions
* For a natural transformation (n : f ≡ g) and a functor h we have 
  h ^∘ n : h ∘ f ≡ h ∘ g
  h ^∘ n = ap (h ∘) n

  n ∘^ h : f ∘ h ≡ g ∘ h
  h ∘^ n = ap (∘ h) n

and flipping the order of composition for identities, the Monad definition reduces to:  

record Monad (A : Type) : Type where
   f : A → A
   η : id ≡ f
   μ : f ∘ f ≡ f

   unitˡ : ap (f ∘) η ∘ μ ≡ refl
   unitʳ : ap (∘ f) η ∘ μ ≡ refl
   assoc : ap (∘ f) μ ∘ μ ≡ ap (f ∘) μ ∘ μ

What does it mean? How is it useful? What is its topological meaning? Are there non-trivial examples of such monads?

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Made some more progress on my seemingly impossible Agda. Still haven't figured out how to do the efficient binary conaturals, but one step at a time. I'm so happy to get a real decision procedure out of it, since I wasn't even sure it was provable in Agda until now.

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How come every article I come across about high PPI displays has comments talking about how there's "no content" for them? Text is the content. You'll find no shortage of programmers using ugly bitmap/ultra hinted fonts for improved contrast and readability. With high PPI, one can have that and fonts that don't look like garbage.

Apparently a lot of people think that playing movies is the primary use of a general purpose computer with a good display, though. Or running games at 1920x1080 because that's what an xbox will run at or something. Luckily, Nethack is fully equipped to take advantage of high DPI devices.

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So much fun to see people making music

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I already posted this on twitter, but what takes two tweets only takes one G+ post, and there's a bit of a different crowd over here that might appreciate it more :)

compress = map(length&&&head).group.(last<$>).sort.init.(zipWith(++)<$>tails<*>inits).(Nothing:).(Just<$>)

decompress = catMaybes.head.foldr((sort.).zipWith(:))(repeat[]).(replicate=<<length).(uncurry replicate=<<)

Basically, it's a horribly inefficient implementation of the Burrows-Wheeler transform with run-length encoding on top of it. A mini super-naive version of some of the basic ideas behind bzip2, minus the Huffman coding and other tricks.

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