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Cathedral Cove Sunrise Starburst

Here's another favorite shot from New Zealand. These are the moments that make getting up at insane hours of the morning and hiking in the dark worth it. I'm re-sharing this for #sunrisesaturday curated by +TJ Kelly

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Sunrise on the beach at Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula of the northern island of New Zealand. I hiked in the dark about 30 minutes or so to get here just as the sun was rising. This photo was taken not too far away from my previous Cathedral Cove photo.
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the Coromandel! beautiful!
Wonderful shot, just a dream
Don't need to say how good the photographer is!the pic itself says all!
Fantastic image. Wow... and very different too. Cool!
Phewwwwwwwwww ... I think that how you spell it :-)
That was my reaction when I saw this.
Amazing :D How exactly was this photo taken??
Another splendid seascape, +Daniel Peckham . Excellent composition and color! I think your choice of aperture did a great job for the star-effect on the sun and set a very pleasing shutter speed for just the right amount of motion. Well done all around!
Sorry for last comment.. really great photos.. I am your fan now.. Great work must say..
+Samuel Hardy I used a small aperture (f/22) to get the starburst effect on the sun as it was peeking out from the horizon. I used a tripod and did 3 exposures 2 stops apart and later merged using HDR, and then mixed back in some of the original exposures to the tonemapped HDR image in places where it didn't look right.
Very well composed Daniel, and the lighting here is phenomenal!!
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