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The Most Awesome Swimming Pool in the World

This is the Infinity Pool on top of Marina Bay Sands hotel & casino in Singapore. This swimming pool is 55 stories above the city on a 1,100 ft long rooftop garden that spans the 3 massive towers of this structure.

You have to say in the expensive hotel in order to swim in the pool, but I had a chance to get up close to the pool after going up to the observation deck. I was bummed to have missed the recent photo walk organized by +Elia Locardi and +Danny Tan since this is one of my favorite cities in the world and an awesome place to photograph.

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That's a really sweet pool for sure!
First of all, great shot, and what a fantastic location! You asked for a critique, so here it comes...
It might be tricky, but could you shift the left side of the frame upwards, in order to make the white beams level with the top/bottom of the frame? I feel like because they dip down on the left side, it detracts from the overall upward sweep of the pool towards the top-left corner. If they were perfectly horizontal, the curve of the pool would be much stronger.
Again, really nice capture. Good work.
+Ryan Wilson Thanks for the critique. That's a good point. I struggled with figuring out a pleasing composition on this. I appreciate the feedback!
AWESOME!!! Wish I were there. 
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