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Daniel Pavani
Um oceanógrafo louco por tecnologia.
Um oceanógrafo louco por tecnologia.


I have crDroid 3.7 on Moto Z Play (addison) and my weather on lockscreen and quicksettings are not updating, even setted to 1 hour.

Does anybody have a clue why?

I comute by bycicle everyday about 2h30 hours and I am thinking about buying a Moto 360 to help keeping my activities, notifications and also controlling my music. Does anyone use it like that? Could you tell me if it would be a good use to the watch?

Galera, queria um conselho geral, se não for pedir demais. Eu pedalo cerca de 2h30 por dia e to pensando em comprar um 360 pra me ajudar nisso, para monitorar as atividades, notificações e controlar a música.

To pensando no custo-beneficio. O que vocês acham? Alguém utiliza o 360 pra esportes?


Does any of you guys play the game Injustice? Since nitghly dec/11 I am not being able do play on my klte. Tks!

+Cristiano Matos , cara, sei que minha ROM é unofficial, mas pode me dizer como eu ativo os botões HW no klte? Acabei de instalar a atualização do dia 27 e veio desativado. Valeu!

I was testing 4.4 but wanted to go back to pa 4.3. I flashed the stock 4.3 for my N4 and everything goes well. But, when I flash pa RC2 I get no radio.

Do you guys know why?

Hey guys. Anyone have ever come up with a reboot to a green screen with some watchdog error? I had this twice on rc2 on Nexus 4.


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