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Daniel Pardy
Lead Teacher for Library & Technology, Theatre Manager and teacher, originally from the UK
Lead Teacher for Library & Technology, Theatre Manager and teacher, originally from the UK


Hi all,

I setup a merge job to only merge rows that contain a specific response to a multiple choice question. Every time a response is returned with the answer that triggers the merge, all previous responses are merged again. How can I prevent this?

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Check my website - www.danpardy,com for top tips on EdTech, Google Apps for Education and 21st Century Learning. If you want me to blog on a particular EdTech topic, send me a message!

Hi all, glad it's Thursday?

Does anyone else's school use Promethean Smartboards? Does anyone use touch panels? What's your experience of either?

Lastly, anyone looking to upgrade from standard boards to touch panels?

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Some recent blogs from my shiny new website

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Need a timer for the classroom?

Just 'Google' timer and you will have a timer come up at the top of the search return. It defaults to 5mins, but you can adjust this.

Clicking the speaker icon will mute the timer's beep alarm, and the icon to the right of the timer will allow the timer to go fullscreen!

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How to get some more juice out of your mac laptops.

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Hi all, if you're looking for a way to store things in the cloud, but you want to keep Google Drive just for work, then One Drive ( is offering 15GB for free at the moment, plus another 15GB if you sync your phone camera to it for photo backups. That's 30GB of free online data storage!

One drive also works with IFTTT, so you can sync all you Facebook and Instagram photos to One Drive folders. Every time someone tags you, you'll get a copy in your one drive. How cool is that?!

This is probably embedded into a lot of what you do each day, but I thought I'd share it anyway. This Google Doc shows you how to make your Classroom paperless with 15 tips on how to use it effectively in your workflow:
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