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Psh. Fuck all you bleeding heart morons, sometimes a little shame does someone good. Especially when they're a fucking liar and you make them look like a fool for it. Is this "shaming?" Hell yes. That's the point.
WARNING: The video can be uncomfortable to watch.
The video can be uncomfortable to watch. A mom stands on the sidewalk, berating her 13-year-old daughter for pretending to be an older teenager and making suggestive posts on Facebook.
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+Teodor Poparescu​ see, my view is that this is not someone simply attacking or berating their child because it makes them feel good. This is discipline, and if the alternative is not doing anything or beating them, I would much rather than humiliate someone to teach them a lesson. She says this is not the first time that her daughter has done this, and her earlier attempts to discipline through removing her phone and such did not work. If embarrassing her in front of a bunch of 30 year old creeps online is going to make a difference, then good. The fact of the matter is, sometimes kids are stupid and adults know better. This seems like one of the least problematic ways to make that point to the child. anyway, I'm getting really tired of this culture where any kind of negative attention is considered bullying. It's getting to the point where people can't even discipline their own children without being accused of child abuse, and it's really ridiculous.
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Damn. Fucking. Skippy.
I love how complicated ideas as sometimes presented better in the most simplistic ways....
PS. This is about economic privilege, not "social privilege"
A short story about privilege. By Toby Morris.
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Daniel Carelli (Panentheosis)

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Hey insomniacs and G1 purists; BBTS got some of those "exclusive" combiner Wars Break-Necks and Quickslingers for your Menasors and Superions; they're selling half at Midnight EST (around 20 minutes from now) and another at 10am EST. Good luck!
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+Daniel Carelli I have to see the figures first hand.  I said the same thing about the current combiners, before I past final judgement.  It's still not a must have yet.
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Top-secret documents reveal that spy agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and United States planned to implant spyware on mobile phones by intercepting data sent between app stores. #android
Top-secret documents reveal that spy agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and United States planned to implant spyware on mobile phones by intercepting data sent between app stores. The document, shared by Edward Snowden, detailed plans for the NSA – along with its Five Eyes allies – to hijack the connection between the Google Play Store and the user's...
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Daniel Carelli (Panentheosis)

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Uhhhhhhhhhh... Maximals?! Am I finally going to get my wish to see Maximals and Predacons from the Beast Era in the IDW comics?!
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+Mik Furie​​​ The only main cast charactera with g1ish names where Megatron, Scorponok, and Optimus Primal. Frankly, none of them were ever my favorite characters from beast era anyway. I feel like they could work around it, they figured out clever ways around plenty of other continuity conflicts for IDW.

The way they handled Galvatron as his own separate character makes me think they could pull it off pretty well... and they also have the whole Japanese Beast Wars continuity to pull from and both of those shows had unique casts of characters. Like Lio Convoy and Magmatron.
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My sister sent this to me earlier.
What. the fuck. Is wrong with people?

What is wrong with our society that people like this exist?
What is wrong with our work ethic that people like this remain employed?
What is wrong with our society that individual citizens need to harass the police and city to get anything done about shit like this?

I hope a group of parents goes to that corner and forces her to do her job until she is removed from it....
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+Kenny K 
Not sure; I've made anonymous tips to police before, and it has nothing to do with fear of repercussions. Regardless, wishing to remain anonymous to the public while reporting the story doesn't mean they are anonymous from the police, who would probably be the ones to react poorly to the tipster given they employ crossing guards.

As to your second question, I haven't the slightest clue why this person wouldn't have been fired on the spot. Given the claim that "even one moment" of not crossing children is too much, one would think several days of footage would be plenty to justify firing them. Perhaps there is some kind of union they are forced to contend with?
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HAHAHAHA. OMFG this had me laughing out loud. I love being a nerd.
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Wonderfully human trauma-drama moment in the D&D universe. XD
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Every year we get closer and closer to H+ and Transhuman upgrades becoming a viable option. This is going to be an amazingly crazy world in the next couple of decades.....
Could Better Than 20/20 Vision Be In Your Future?

A Canadian optometrist has supposedly invented a lens replacement that is simple to install and will give the user vision that is 3-times better than 20/20 vision for life. According to the article:

According to Ocumetics’ website, the Bionic Lens is implanted in your eye during an eight-minute “painless procedure.” The operation is reportedly similar to cataract surgery, where the lens inside your eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. It’s an outpatient procedure that doesn’t require any anesthesia or an overnight stay.

The bionic lens is actually folded like a taco and placed in the eye using a syringe filled with a saline solution. Then, in about 10 seconds, the bionic lens unravels over your eye by itself and your sight is “immediately corrected.”

The implant may be ready for clinical trials as soon as 2017. Would you submit to such a new procedure?

#healthspan   #lifespan   #personalmedicine  

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P Mitch
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Life. Why you so damn crazy?
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lol nothing better to do.
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DC....what the fuck are you doing?!
Director Phil Lord speaks about #TheFlash on TV & Film, and the animated Spider-Man flick
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There is no comparison to Marvel. It's like comparing Sonic the Hedgehog to Assassins Creed. 
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Ooooooo, world government, scaaaary.
No really though, this is pretty cool.

I've often thought about how our planet doesn't have much of a unified front, which is funny given how often our view of "aliens" in science fiction are that they are from unified planet-governments. 
Not bad, actually.
Are you excited for the day when a benevolent global government rules over the Earth and all humans are united in pursuit of ambitious scientific and technological goals like exploring the depths...
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You can't enter the Federation until you have a unified planetary government. 
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Sigh. Anon; y u no stop being impotent?
#Anonymous Operation #Snowden2016:
Even a broken election process can have positive results.
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