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  COTACACHIS FOOD The tipycal dishes of Cotacahi are the red meats, this meat takes its color of the achiote, to preparate this dish you take the meat and put in lemon juice with onions and garlic cut in slices, after that you take the meat and cook. You ca...

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ZULETA It is located in the northern Andes of Ecuador Angochagua region, an hour from ibarra, while you traveling can find areas of crops, livestock pastures and natural forests Zuleta experiences a temperate climate all year round.  Temperatures range betw...

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Otavalo is a beautiful and green fences, it is located in the north Sierra from the Ecuador, to an altitude it is of 2.565 meters on the level of the sea. This place this surrounded by picturesque Andean landscapes, Otavalo is one of the tourist places of t...

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A wonderful trail through the eucalyptus forest near the community allows visitors arrive Peguche Waterfall.  The community has worked really hard  to create an attractive and informative way reaching the sacred waterfall.

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SAN MIGUEL DE IBARRA. It is the capital of the province, where is all our cultures together, is like the heart of Imbabura. Ibarra also known as the "White City" because it is a tradition that the houses are painted white.

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SAN MIGUEL DE IBARRA . is a city located in the Andes of Ecuador regio , known as " the white city , the white houses and architecture of Spanish villa.
Ibarra is famous for

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