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Daniel Osborne
I'm not a Mac. I'm not a PC. I'm a Penguin.
I'm not a Mac. I'm not a PC. I'm a Penguin.


Great, +Android Lollipop 'Adaptive Brightness' breaks the proximity sensor on my HTC One M7 (GPe). Good job breaking more stuff, +Google.

+Android Lollipop is pretty annoying. No silent mode and a weird 'priority notifications' mode instead, strange notification icons that don't make sense (* for priority notifications, why?, and an ! on my wifi and cell icons, even though my connection actually works fine).
And the biggest annoyance of all: the swipe to unlock changed from left-right to bottom-up. I keep opening the dialer by accident.
I do like the smart lock tool though, as it replaces a Tasker rule I had for the same.
I think KitKat was the best Android version so far.

I finally get used to LVM, and then I look into btrfs (which looks like it has everything but the kitchen sink).
What to do, what to do...

After fixing a few annoyances, Windows 10 actually isn't bad.

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After how many decades, Microsoft, you change things and place the main shortcut for VS 2015 in the root level? WHY?
...I bet Windows 8.1/10 is why. That's stupid. Place it where it belongs, with the rest of the VS shortcuts.

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Good job, Microsoft.
The automatic upgrade to Windows 10 build 10162 broke stuff.
Fingerprint reader - broken
First reboot after upgrade - machine froze
Second reboot after upgrade - sound broken (another rebooted fixed it)
Explorer link pinned to taskbar - broken
Theme changed - annoyance
This is on a Thinkpad T500.
I hope this is something that will be improved significantly.

EDIT: At least the VPN interaction is somewhat improved. At least clicking on it takes you to the VPN subtab of settings now. I'd still rather have the connect/disconnect button directly on the network popup though, like in Windows 7.

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Please +Lenovo, bring back the classic Thinkpad!
I still use my T500, and don't like what I see in the current Thinkpad line.

Been using Windows 10 for about 12 hours. Reminds me of Windows 2.0, but with less color and lines.
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