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Google Plus VISUAL ARTIST (add yourself and/or recommend others)
Help create a list of all the Visual Artist using G+

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I'm a Visual Artist. I mainly work in Photography, but I'm also a painter and do three-dimensional work.
Nice lists... But there were no comment fields for me to add myself and my recommendations...
I feel more creative mind than a visual artist. Now I'm working with audio - visual, and focusing especially to improve my "eye".

I signed in a lot of social networks, but i´m really confortable with G+ Comunity, I love finding so many creative minds

I like and I want to learn from others and I want to share my work.
Artiste collagiste . Recyclage artistique par collage de papiers et prospectus sortis de ma boite à lettres.
Most of my work is HDR landscape and portraits but i also do nature macro and weddings. I live in France near Marseille.
I recommmend +Peter From
Tammy W
I'm mainly a photographer but also graphic designer using p-o-d's...when at "home" I paint, do mixed media work/found art/collage, and design jewelry
I am an amateur photographer, but I really really enjoy learning photography, I am especially interested in street photography and portraits.
I'm a photographer from osaka,japan.
I shoot Human life.
Jus Vun
Living in tokyo, I combine film photography and modern post processing tools. ;)
We, my wife and I, are visual artists and writers. We paint on the same piece and the same time, often crossing over each other's lines, it has become the hallmark of our work.
It is, and has been, a 20 year journey that fascinates us still.
Hi, I practice and experiment visual things (photo, drawing, motion...). See you :)
I am a photographer and I love above all to portray life in the flowery meadow.
I like to combine photography and informal painting. I'm studying Shodo and Sumi-e
JoyPals Design Studio, the design arm of JacyJoyPals Photography, visual, digital and creative design; interior design.
fashion inspired portraiture, nudes, and some landscape photography in Ontario Canada.
- Sculpture teacher, some watercolor, murals, but in love with Photography!
Sean G
printer, photography is a hobby , wanna learn more. enjoy making, and bringing visual art to life. thanks
dada/surrealism photo alterations is my game. based in Lisboa, Portugal.
I could say i am a photographer but i don't have a device anymore and a lot of footage got burned with my last hard drive. Still, i do post some interesting artist work for the time being. Hit me up if you guys need more visibility.
Hello people. I'm a Photographer and Designer
I'm video editor, visual-fx artist and amateur photographers
I am blogger and photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I shot a Leica M9 and capture my day in Tokyo and travels around Asia. I blog at
Watercolor artist -- mostly portrait and illustrator
A lot of digital artwork...some cartoons etc Also have a photography album on the go!
I'm a digital artist, animator, and interactive media developer.
Photographer/Artist - Wedding / Street / B/W /pretty much anything that moves me... always learning and always appreciative. =-)
Fine Art Photography and Large format Printing
A self taught artist, interested in oil painting, jewelry making, dollhouse miniature and recently photography!
Jus Vun
portrait, landscape, cinematics, street photographer residing in Tokyo, Japan. damn this list is so long to go through, perhaps i can add everyone if i had time!
Sean G
Enjoy Large Format also!! HP designjet 55000ps UV inks.... WorkHorse! Great Color for older printer. Great for Photos! 100+ years archival w UV. Non Fade. Kept out direct sunlight.
+Sean G i learned my lesson with sunlight lol xD (ruined so much of my pics ...)
Creative and artistic HDR Photographer from the UK
Street photographer, Based in Britain. Black and white photography from the 70s and 80s.
I am a visual artist working in a number of areas, including plein air painting, printmaking, panoramic photography, carved metal among others.
I've a visual artist. Aka Photographer.
+Ardith Goodwin well circles will allways get bigger with time, if you wanna promote yourself of course
Hi, I'm the founder of Cafeppl ("Cafe People") - a social site for cafe-goers that which will first launch for Starbucks coffee shops in NYC in September.

I need photos that we can use for slideshows so as users check into these CafeSpots they can see audio-visual shows (movies, slideshows) as talking points. If anyone on this list has the following, please contact me:
A) Shots of people in coffee shops (any American city)
B) Street photos of NY that you would like showcased

I'm from The Elitist View, i find photographs and bring them to life with lomo's lens effects & other interesting artistic techniques (Women Photographs only!) :D
+M. Ayche Haha, when I first joined G+ my tech circle was massive, now my art circle is 3 times as big! There are certainly alot of creative people on here already, just a matter of finding them ;)
That is my pleasant surprise too. There are heaps of creative people flocking to G+. What a bonus?!
Digital Artist, Illustrator, Minilamist, Perfectionist... I love that stuff.. +1 to all of you soulmates..
I'm an encaustic painter.
I'm a painter, abstraction mainly.
Bryon Lippincott - I love photography, especially HDR and black and white. I enjoy taking landscape and travel detail shots. I also do portraits for friends and family.
Italian amateur photographer here :) I have a love for textured images but also try to give my best in traditional black and white, landscape and abstract photography. More on me at
Dutch amateur photographer. I like to photograph people and all what nature is offering us. I just started on Google+. Please add me
Fine Art photography and Large Format Printing from Italy
Photographer mainly working with landscapes and seascapes, based in North Wales, UK. But also dabble with macro, architecture and vintage/retro style portraits. I do other arts and crafts too, but they have a back seat. I'm new on here and know very few people (am originally from California, and don't know a lot of people in the UK), so anyone feel free to add me :D LOL I welcome thoughtful critique of my images as well.
Artist (painter), writer, and cruising sailor - not necessarily in that order at any given point in time. I share my recent work and thoughts about art, artists and other interesting things on my blog, MairImagesCa, at . Recommend: +Alison Jardine
hope my pics will speak for me as i speak bad englsih!
I'm a New Zealand artist that LOVES GOOGLE+ It is so cool to meet so many like minded people!
Don Giannatti: Photographer/Designer/Educator
I am a Designer and professional Photographer.
Ed Subi
Aspiring Photographer/Videographer, Programmer, Web Designer, Street Photography enthusiast
Graphic Designer and Photographer
Photographer from Germany, Black & White passion, Fine Art, Documentary, Street.
I'm a fine artist/photographer... only just joined G+, I'll upload more work soon.
I photograph anything and everything in front of my lens. Most of it falls into HDR landscape work.
Visual Artist - Dimensioanl Explorer :: :: Spirit, Love & Light | Conscious Beings Expressed & Unfolded ::...
Web/graphic designer and Photographer
Photoshop is my canvas, my camera is just another tool. I love to create images, whether it's digital or with a pencil.
Visual artist photographer and painter roughly equal time in each discipline with some overlap
ok... adding myself then =) what a fun way to make friends and learn at the same time!
I'm a film student that does some photography. I don't have any video work up yet, but hope to soon.
i love painting. and i paint on ceramic too
I am a painter, and also a WordPress website designer, and on occasions, a graphic designer and technical illustrator.
Designer for Event company in Charlotte,NC. All mediums.
Another list to get lost in... add me in or toss me out!
I do what I do... with a pen... with a camera... with a splash of paint... and occasionally... with my whole body.
Nice to see lots of artists here...introducing myself, I am a sketch artist, i also do QR code designing and graphic designing...
I do pastel portraits, watercolour illustrations, and even web/comic book stuff in ink and watercolor. :)
Hello, I am painter and creative think tank. see my website
My favorite medium...chalk pastels. Graphite is a close second. I also use acrylic and watercolor. Photography is a hobby and Graphic Design pays the bills :)
Digital artist here, mainly 3d work...
Artist currently painting, drawing, and taking photos.
Hello .... landscape and nature photography .... dilettante art
Pastel and oil paint artist, fine art and travel photographer and workshop leader.
Publishing art director, graphic designer, photographer
Hi, Im a Visual artist and student at Parsons, I mainly work in paint and pen, but im working on my visual communication design degree
I am a full time working glamour, beauty, photographer and educator and I create artwork from my photography. I love talking photography, light, food and wine.
I am a street photographer based in Chicago! Cheers
My photographic tendencies: nature, macro (nature and non), abstract, food and often just ordinary everyday things.

Photographer I'd recommend - +Athena Carey. She is super creative, produces special work and is a lovely person!
What a brilliant post ++++ I would recommend, +Hiroaki Kaneko from Japan. I am new on Goggle+ and my passion is fractal art:)
Hi, I'm a Visual Artist and Designer working with just about anything from Pencil, to Paint, to Photography, to Pushing Pixels.... I'm self taught, and just enjoy creating. Heavily into photography lately, but I don't consider myself "just" that.
I am a visual artist specializing in mask art and sculpture. I am a slave to my Nikon as well.
travel shots, with anything handy, such as cell phone
Hello, I am a New York City photographer that specializes in capturing the urban and natural landscapes of New York City.

I also write a bit as I post my photography (I post usually on a daily basis here on Google Plus). So, you could say I am a photographer/writer. I like to call myself an 'urban documentarian'. :)
Visual artist (painting, printmaking, drawing) who has turned to photography after a long parenting hiatus.
Im learning the art of photograph.. but my love is oil painting water color u name it if it requires a brush ill try it i even love to doodle Photography & Media, Global Artist Management,
Philippe Bocquet Photographer
New York - Los Angeles - Paris - London - Milan - Tokyo

PBNY Photography & Media Agency, Global Artist Management Company - OPEN CALLS FOR: Artists, Talents, Designers, Photographers, Video Editors, Models, MUA, Hair Stylists, Singers & Bands. New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo -

Register your Portfolio with us at Upload your material (Bio, Headshots, Media, Photographs, Music, Videos, Your Socials Networks References, All Online Media) Email: Submissions are FREE !! PBNY is the go to company for your ALL-IN-ONE Artist Management needs, Media, Consulting, Photographic needs, from Photo Shoot, to providing you with Make Up Artist, Stylists, Photo Retouching, Comp Cards, Printing Services.
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so u do 3 dimensional art too !! cool .....
I am a painter and photographer. I've also taught art for many years and love helping others realize their own goals.


G+ users I recommend:

+Pawel Tomaszewicz -- sharp work with a dash of sharp wit.

+Patricia Davidson -- beautiful, serene images.

+Sandra Parlow -- must see "big skies".

+Victor Bezrukov -- consistent eye-candy posted to your stream.

+Jay Patel -- stunning images.

+Carsten Bradley -- puts the fun back into art.

+Dariusz Majgier -- killer macros and more.

+Teresa Stover -- amazing self-portraits.

+Jennifer L. Meyer -- get your "unbelievably cute drawings" fix here.
please ... there are enough photographers on the list .. lets have some other artist as well ...
Hi I'm Tony from Warrington, Cheshire, UK. I'm a photographer of almost anything willing to be photographed. My company here in Warrington is called Oculus Studios. Check out my profile and add me to one of your circles if you like what you see.
Man all thee Artist on google+ well at least a fraction.I am a Visual Artist, And Everything that make up the Word Art..I like to create. I can Create it, your World. Very inexpensive here
Visual Artist - oil and pastel painting, obsessed with COLORS, also love charcoal and photographing clouds at sunset!
My Website:
...and my artists circle just got bigger! Yay!
I fuse my dog photography with my graphic arts abilities
I paint in many media; water color and acrylics mostly on almost any surface, wood, metal, paper, glass, walls, canvas. I also do some photography. I also write on Squidoo and make products from my art & photos on Zazzle.
Visual Artist, mostly paintings and drawings
Photography (portraits, nature, random), mixed media, drawings
Portrait photographer
Zero Dean - I photograph anything and everything. Some people like it.
visual artist - erotica (NSFW and possibly offensive to some) digital, oil, mixed-media, pastel, watercolor, etc.
Fine art Photographer specializing in cityscapes, macro, and nature such as flowers.
Fine art landscapes and nature images and digital artist.
Film and digital photographer. I'd love to be added to your list - thanks so much for organizing it!
Hello. I'm a collage and paint artist usually focusing on video games, comics, and our media.
ansel k
Artist, Denver Co
Artist & Illustrator from Denver, CO, too.
I'm a metal-smith, painter, sculpture artist from Sacramento, Ca.
Atlanta based entertainment, fashion, and sports photographer. Thanks
Seems like a nice group here. lots of great photography and art.
I am a Colorado Nature Photographer see my Choco Canyon archaeology expose here:
monochrome mastery and fstop foolery :)
landscape and uban landscape photography, love the deserts...
I am a visual artists working primarily digitally, working with Corel Painter, and Photoshop CS5. I also work traditionally and can paint with acrylics and oils, pencil and pen. I also do 3D modeling and 2D/3D animation with programs like Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects. I am currently a visual effects artist where I am employed. ~Dale Jackson
I'm doing quite everything from drawing to rendering to sculpting. At the moment i'm working on a 750Kg bronze sculpture.
Portrait & figurative artist. Also wildlife & landscapes. Works in oil & watercolor.*
British Photographer and Creative Director based in Malta
Senior Content Manager for Westend61 ( a Picture Agency based in Munich, Germany. We are always on the hunt for unique and creative imagery. Get in touch and let us see what you have got! :-)
photopgrapher and digital artist here in Ireland
Landscapes, mountains and mountain bikes
Photographer, digital artist, problem solver ;), The Netherlands
I am a pro based in Yorkshire UK. I do a lot of portraits and weddings. I tend to spice things up with a bit of compositing and ps work :)
I work with time via video, stills and performance.
Artistic, Landscape, Travel, Live Entertainment, and Silhouettes’!
Thank You all for adding to this list. +1 anyone else on the list whose work you like.
Im an abstract artist, from photography, to make up to general hobbyist :)
Photographer, texture blend photography, street photography, nature.
Passionate Photographer & Marketing Consultant.
I am a visual artist and I also work with pregnant and parenting teens in a group home, teaching them life skills through art therapy and other means.  Glad to be part of this list. 
Portrait Photographer-but love all aspects of photography
Hi +Daniel Norman. Some times I like to experiment with light paint but mainly i like the landscape photography
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