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I took the kids when it came out...friken awesome 3d movie. There's a bunch of good ones coming out this year....can't wait for avengers 2.
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Aaaaaaaand this why I hate having to jump on my #Windows laptop.
Someone needs to release a #Calibre Chrome app already, so I can just stay on my Chromebook.

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+Pamela Hill  through tomorrow that XP machine (if its a laptop) is worth guaranteed a hundred bucks towards a new Chromebook of Windows laptop.
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Great feature in #Xblast for #XposedFramework.
Specify which contacts, if any, get through to you despite your phone being in sleep hours mode. Glad to see this available. If someone calls repeatedly within a 30 min time span, it automatically bypasses call forwarding & rings your device in case of emergency.

#android #root #features
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I let GB do the lion's share of what I want done but Xblast has a couple things GB doesn't. 
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Reliving some memories
+Hulk Hogan will always be my idol, lol

#HulkHogan #Wrestlemania3 #AndreTheGiant
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Daniel Navarro

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Haha, this is actually how most of us here on G+ are about tech, lol
Fact is, as much as we hate to admit it, not everyone knows about #Hangouts, #Chromecast, what vanilla Android is or even means, the difference in #Chrome the browser & what a Chromebook does, the fact that SMS is crap, etc.

We are in our own little world here.  lol
We are tech snobs...

#highfidelity #tech #snobs   #googleplus   #technerds   #TechSnobs  
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Really digging my new #Kindle #Paperwhite.
I've been wanting something like this for awhile now, for reading. Can't beat an e-ink display for books.
It was between this & the #Nook #Glowlite but I think has done a much better job with the quality of hardware & overall content.

Thank you +Jessica Navarro😆 This is so much easier on my eyes.

#eReader #twt
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On the Android Nook app, you can hide the status bar, so that keeps the notifications at bay, particularly on a tablet, where I won't get phone calls either. So really, I can focus (if I want to, LOL). However, you're totally right about the sunlight. When I go to the pool, I dig out my ancient (but still works great) Kindle. ;) 
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Kind of digging #FrontBack. I can see some potential here. +Google may want to snap up this camera app before #Facebook does... #frontback
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10 years:  2004 - 2014
My first laptop on the left & my newest on the right.  HP Pavilion Windows weighing in at around 6lbs & the Acer C720 Chromebook at just under 3lbs.

#Chromebook   #Windows   #HP   #Acer  #TBT
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I kinda wish Best Buy was still running the trade in promo so I could snatch up another Chromebook😉
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#MLB   #Chromecast  
Plaaaaay Ball! #NowCasting live with Major League Baseball

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is off to a big start, and now you can make all those hits, homers, steals and K’s even bigger with Chromecast. Starting today, you can cast live MLB games straight to your TV with a touch of the cast button.

The MLB At Bat app can be found in the Play Store ( and Apple Store (, with Chromecast support rolling out today (MLB.TV Premium subscription required. Peanuts and Cracker Jack sold separately.) As always, you can explore apps that work with Chromecast at 
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911 Dispatcher/Process Technician
Management: Environmental, Operations, Emergency
The black sheep doesn't mind getting dirty;)
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Only male in a household dominated by females; a wife and 3 daughters...
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While the condo had plenty of these to do such as pools, spas, gym, and prime location on the beach & many other attractions, or actual room was horrible. Peeling paint, wallpaper, broken glass & mirrors, dust bunnies the size of wolverines inside air vents, & a really bad smell coming from inside the water heater & AC unit closet. Also, the AC was down:/
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Quaint 50's-themed diner with good food & fast, friendly service.
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Very good
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39 reviews
Great facility. Great way to spend an evening work the family as well. Awesome fireworks shows, too.
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The building appears to be located on a very large hill. In reality, the hill is part of giant city landfill, directly behind it. It appeared seedy & old but after discussing this with the manager, he assured us we were in no harm or danger. It's located next to a very busy & loud freeway, as well as the airport. After the ballgame we attended, we arrived back at our rooms late that night to find one of the pillows were stained (see photo). Will not rebook this motel.
Quality: Poor to fairFacilities: GoodService: Good
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Highly recommend visiting this museum when you have the time. There's so many thin things to see & learn about. They have everything from real aircraft to the ammunition, like missiles & bombs. Very educational & fun.
Appeal: Very goodFacilities: Very goodService: Very good
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