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Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Good or Bad?

We had some great chat yesterday over on Twitter about NDAs. 

Katherine Cory was concerned that it paints a picture of distrust and always restricts what she can show in her portfolio.

I'm not so bothered about the trust thing; especially with bigger clients as this is just how they expect to do things. If I get it from a smaller company I usually raise a wry eyebrow and explain to them that I'm not short of good ideas so don't need to steal theirs ;) 

Note: what happens if you were already thinking along the same lines as the client? I.e. you didn't know before you signed the NDA?

Portfolio is another issue of course. The NDAs I've signed have not stipulated portfolio and have been more about the IP. Agencies usually prohibit freelancers from talking about their work (+Hinkford Limited doesn't) - them's the breaks I'm afraid. Some freelancers charge extra where there work cannot be shown in their portfolio - perhaps consider that?

Note: I once contracted at an agency and helped build a broadband site for BT. I blogged about it and it ranked higher than the clients site for ages. They moaned but there was no agreement in place. Should have charged extra for SEO consultancy etc ;)

Kieran Masterton raised the dodgy legality of them in the eyes of the EU. NDas always seem pretty flimsy to me.

So, my take is that it is not necessarily a red flag to me; it's more of an amusement.


p.s. +Sean Johnson was involved with the chat and picked it up on the latest episode of +The Freelance Web podcast:

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Recently launched the online presence for one of London’s best emergency gas engineering & plumbing companies, A&C Heating and Plumbing Ltd. —

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Check the new website for the 2014 edition of Stortford Music Festival, held during 3-4 May in Bishop’s Stortdord, UK: 

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Check out the beautiful new dashboards in AdWords Express.

When you log in to AdWords Express, you’ll notice that it’s now easier to find the information that’s important to you, whether you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop. After gathering feedback from AdWords Express users, we’ve redesigned the dashboard with ad performance stats front and center.

Read more in our recent post and see everything that's new at:

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The evolution of the iconic Warner Bros. logo
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