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This is what a librarian looks like

Sometimes, I miss stuff and I missed this. However that only makes me happier that I found it. It's a brilliant Tumblr site full of images of beautiful, fascinating, and interesting people who also happen to be librarians! It's put together by the equally beautiful and brilliant +Erin Downey Howerton and Bobbi Newman.

I submitted a picture myself, but don't bother looking at me. There's far more interesting people to be found there! Go see!
Challenging the librarian stereotype one post at a time Your editors are Bobbi Newman and Erin...
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If the point is to challenge the stereotype of what a librarian looks like, my picture here won't help the cause.

Though I don't have a bun, I suppose I have that going for me.
Your're also a guy... which you have going for you! :) I'm no great shakes myself and the focus of that picture is far more related my tech than to me. Besides, man, your image here on G+ is of you playing the banjo. As a lifelong bluegrass fan I'm telling, that's not too damn shabby!
Emily F
Tempted to give them the picture of me at work on Halloween. :P
I submitted a couple months ago, and coworkers saw me within hours.
Do eet! Yes, submit a photo of you and your banjo! That't the entire point of the blog, to show librarians doing stuff they enjoy.

It just so happens I enjoy doing tech stuff!
You, sir, inspired me. I have submitted my photo and it's already up.
I'll check both links out. Thanks!
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