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Daniel Mehrmann
Man muss alles einmal ausprobiert haben.
Man muss alles einmal ausprobiert haben.

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So, I made noises some time ago about how I don't want another 2.6.39 where the numbers are big enough that you can't really distinguish them.

We're slowly getting up there again, with 3.20 being imminent, and I'm once more close to running out of fingers and toes.

I was making noises about just moving to 4.0 some time ago. But let's see what people think.

So - continue with v3.20, because bigger numbers are sexy, or just move to v4.0 and reset the numbers to something smaller?
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I like big versions, and I cannot lie
v4.0, 'cause I get confused easily

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#SD-Booster upcoming next:

-Russian translation
-Device failed notification on monitor (if enabled)

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SD-Booster version 2.0.7 coming soon! Stay tuned and check Google's play store :)


Version 2.0.7:
-Fixed NullPointerException on database model
-Fixed concurrent access on card list (service)
-Fixed class name call (Manifest.xml)

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Per Zufall entdeckte ich diesen Kommentar auf meinem Smartphone und musste ein Screenshot ziehen! :-)

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Just an idea: PRISM client for Boinc - There is so much unused cpu power overall. #sarcasm

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Hello folks  :-)

I just uploaded version 2.0.4 of SD-Booster to Google play.
As usual, it might takes some time before the new version is available for download.


Version 2.0.4:

-Fixed concurrent card list access (Github issue #1)
-New virtual device list (based on mount points)
-Changed license to GPL
-Added croatian language (Thanks to markokljuc/XDA)
-Added indonesia language (Thanks to Khairul)
-Code cleanup for Github

Google play:

Sources on (Branch version_2.0.4)

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Happy news :-) I released my Android app SD-Booster sources under GPL on Github! If you're interested to work on with me or only want to take a look you can do it now.
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