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Hi there.
It's been a while since I posted something here.
So I decided it's time to make some more videos on YouTube.

Today I'll be modifying my MiniDisk MZ-N710 to run on AA batteries instead of those abysmal gumstick batteries.
Hope you find it entertaining. ;)
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Daniel McGregor

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A little Ikea hacking.
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Daniel McGregor

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Thought I'd review this and try out some editing in the process xD
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Daniel McGregor

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How do those smd led's withstand the pressure of being stomped on?
I know that the strips are flexible, but those led's are only held in place by a small amount of solder.

Daniel McGregor

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Amazing that there are still vending machines that use Nixie Tubes as numeric displays.
They are getting harder and harder to find because the don't manufature them anymore. :)

Cool video.
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Daniel McGregor

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Isn't it funny how every time they battle down a timeline in a season finale we always end with the biggest douche.
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Me and my restored Koss K2 Headphones
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Daniel McGregor

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Video number one, And here we go....
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Daniel McGregor

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If you want to keep your usb, network, hdmi etc. cables tidy in a drawer or at a length so that they are not on the floor, just cut  the cardboard of an empty toilet roll into two equal long halves and pull almost any cable through the middle after wrapping it into a figure eight. Makes tidying the power cord of a drill in its case a lot easier.

Daniel McGregor

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Love that 8-bit version of "Every breath you take" by The Police. Didn't know vending machines used licenced music like that. ^^
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Daniel McGregor

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Interesting. Those cakes look almost like French Madeleines.
I wonder if they are a Vietnamese take on them. France did occupy Vietnam back when it was still part of French Indochina after all.

Well those statues had a lot of well rounded proportions. But modern art can be interpreted a million ways.

lol Did they make "Pimp my ride" in Vietnam? :)

Why is KFC so good outside of western countries?

There is no way I would have gone in that concrete cave. ;D
But then again I force myself to play Alien: Isolation. :)

That is rice ????
It kinda has a lovecraftian effect on me...

Nothing gives you a greater culture shock than the small prices in stores.

Daniel McGregor

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Thanks for the Tutorial.

Do you have any idea how to get the Print a Label function to work?

I got the SsLabelPatch.exe from Sony's site, but it fails to write to the registry.

I tried running as Admin and various compatibility settings.

Hope you can help.
"If you can dream it you can build it."

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