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Daniel Markham
Hacker, Agile Coach, Reader, Hiker, Photographer, Pilot, and father of four
Hacker, Agile Coach, Reader, Hiker, Photographer, Pilot, and father of four

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Here's a chat with Uncle Bob about an open-source tool I'm creating to support my Advanced Backlogs class. We talk about Agile, testing, programming languages, and a bunch of other stuff. (There is a 19-minute intro to the tool before the chat)

Hey guys,

Hopefully I'll be allowed to post a slightly tangential post.

It occurs to me that being a tech, Agile, and startup guy, the things I am interested don't fit exactly into any of these buckets. I love discussing these buckets on their own, but sometimes topics cross over quite a bit, and there are things in one bucket that closely relate to the others.

Because of this, I'm starting a new closed curated FB group, "F# Startup". It's about the intersection of F# and the startup culture. MVP, pure FP, Customer Development, Microservices, Marketing Channels, DevOps Pipelines. If all of these things hold interest for you and you'd like to learn and talk about them all at the same time, IM me and I'll hook you up.

I now return you to your regularly-schedule Agile discussion :)

Hey guys,

Do you have a team interested in user stories and backlogs?

I've been working up an Advanced Backlogs course, and as part of that I've created an online pre-test. I could use some guinea pigs -- I mean beta testers. :)

There's no sales pitch here. It takes about an hour. I need an entire team to take it in order for me to get a good result.

So if you have a team that's interested, I'll make a deal. I'll take your results and send you a few paragraphs about the things you should focus on along with free resources that can help you improve.

First come, first served, and I'm only taking the first five teams that contact me.

Ping me by email if you'd like to join in the fun. It's 

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I don't think I've posted this in my G+ feed. Apologies if it's a dupe.

Think you know Agile? Find out with my Agile Knowledge Quiz.

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Think you know history?

Been working on my World History Quiz. Nowhere near done yet, but I have most of the questions down. I even added a bunch of joke answers.

It'll take a long time to complete, but how do these questions look? Do they look like questions that could start conversations?

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Agile History Quiz

As promised, I completed my Agile History Quiz this week. 25 questions. How much do you know?

This one was tougher. I want to come back and add more/modify later. There were many issues. The main one was how much emphasis should I put on technology versus self-management. Both areas have deep histories. So I included a little of both.

Test Your Agile Knowledge

Been working on my professional site this week, which is basically my online resume. I wanted more control over how I present myself than simply using LinkedIn or some other service.

As part of that, instead of doing any kind of selling, I decided to make some quizzes! Yay! I finished the first yesterday, which is an Agile Knowledge Quiz

Since we're all Agile folks, I figure some of you would want to test yourself. See how much you know. If nothing else, 52 Agile questions should lead to a lot of conversation!

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I don't do poems often, but here's one:

Outside we have cats.

Outside we have birds.

For both we have nice little feeders

But cat food is all our birds care to eat

Our cats can no longer be breeders

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Feature flags are one of those simple things you do in programming that can have tremendous impact.

I tell people that bad organizations take a tough problem and give it to a person. Good organizations find ways to code and automate their way around tough problems.

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there were any other sole proprietor Agile/Scrum/etc coaches who were interested in starting a mastermind group?

For those of you who don't know, a mastermind group is basically a regular meeting of highly motivated folks who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve.

For small business owners or entrepreneurs, it can be very useful to get on the phone once a week or so and talk about similar problems, tactics, and strategies.

This wouldn't be about Agile -- we already have this group for that. This would be about the business of Agile: marketing, sales, contracts, etc. And let's keep it to the mom-and-pop, direct-sales folks. If you've got some group or organization where a bunch of you already work together, or you're always working through somebody else? This probably isn't for you.

If anybody's interested, IM me. We'll set up a Skype.
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