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Daniel Lim

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Spectacular shot, bravo!
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Daniel Lim

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Beautiful how I love nature and the ducks can just take off like a plane thanks for the picture
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Daniel Lim

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+Declan Troy Thank to a calm evening, no stabilizer  or shooting technique can overcome if the subject moves... 
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Daniel Lim

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Took 5 trips to Oklahoma to get a shot of this Rep Morph Screech Owl . Thanks goodness gas price has tanked! #birdsgallery   #birds4all   #birdphotography   #birdsinfocus   #birdphotos   #owlphotography   #owlsday   #wildlife   #wildlifephotos   #birds   #birders   #owl  
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Daniel Lim

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Waited whole year for this. Barred Owlet failure to land on first flight, fell about 40 feet to the ground but no a scratch. White Rock Lake, Dallas Texas. #birdsgallery   #birdsinflight   #birds4all   #birdphotography   #owl   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #wildlifephotos   #naturephotography   #naturephotos   #Owl   #whiterocklake   #dallastx  
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Daniel Lim

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Male Greater Prairie Chickens get ready for Battle – Knoza Prairie – Manhattan, Kansas. Had little room to work with, shooting from blind and though barbed wire fences. 
#birdsgallery   #birds4all   #birdphotography   #birdsinfocus   #birds   #prairie   #naturephotos   #naturephotography   #wildlifephotography   #wildlifephotos  
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Never had about that Beautiful picture thanks you cant wait to see more and learn about nature
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Daniel Lim

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So hard to find one in stock but finally got one! The new Canon 100-400 II IS L is razor sharp! Here's 100% wide open taken with 7d2 with no sharpening applied, the detail is as good as previous gen superwhites. Damn, i love it and it's light weight as oppose to handheld my 500mm. 
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Daniel Lim

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+MJ NYC It's still shot, 10fps. i actually got a few keepers out of the sequence. Others have better wing position but this shot showing more of the webbed feet.  
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Daniel Lim

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Drake Northern Shoveler in breeding plumage - It's pity that i was too close, clipped the next wing flap shots but this moment before impact got that water droplet and fill the frame just fine. #birdsgallery   #birds4all   #birdsinfocus   #birds   #birdphotography   #waterfowl   #duck   #duckdynasty   #wildlifephotography   #wildlifephotos   #wildlife  
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Daniel Lim

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Absolutely gorgeous.
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Wood Stork In Flight

Numerous reports on large flock of wood storks making their way inland weeks ago, and a group of 50 birds are roosting at Richland Chambers

Female Wilson’s Phalarope in breeding color – Village Creek, Arlington T...

Made a quite stop at Village Creek this morning checking on the shorebirds. The beds are drying up, just in time to do some low angle for la

Female Red-winged Black Bird with nesting material | Daniel Lim's Nature...

Spotted this female red-winged black bird picking up all sort of nesting materials and would perch on a yucca stalk, make couple of loud cal

Tufted Titmouse with worms | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, Macro and Bi...

Discovered a tufted titmouse nest by accident while searching for the barred owlet at White Rock Lake. The parent would bring in worm caterp

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Barred Owl Fledgling – White Rock Lake | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, ...

This lone barred owlet is roosting near Sunset Bay at White Rock Lake. It fledged out of nest cavity week ago, sought cover nearby oak trees

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Eared Grebe in breeding color, White Rock Lake | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wi...

A friend pointed me to a location at White Rock lake i hardly set foot in where he found a pair of Eared Grebe in beautiful breeding color.

Field of Yellow Bastard Cabbage — Ennis, Texas | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wi...

On a scout trip to Ennis last weekend for the bluebonnets, the hill at Sugar Ridge is coming on nicely but the rest of the locations are ano

Classic Red-winged Blackbird’s perch in between cattails | Daniel Lim's ...

Red-winged Blackbirds are often sighted atop cattails and one of the classic shoot of this marsh bird is perch in between two cattails. This

Barred Owl – White Rock Lake, Texas | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, Mac...

This is my 6th owl photographed in North Dallas area and certainly took longer than i thought since the subject is one of the most commonly

Marbled Godwit, Bolivar Flats Texas | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, Mac...

Put my rusty skimmer ground pod to good use, went shooting in the muck at Bolivar Flats, Upper Texas coast. There were countless of Willets

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on a Perch – Seagoville, TX | Daniel Lim's Natu...

Visited John Bunker Sands Wetland Center and spotted this Young Red-tailed Hawk on ground initially, and slowly moving up and jumping though

Drake Hooded Merganser in Flight | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, Macro ...

There are so many angles i want to do with the hooded mergenser before the season over – low angle, reflection and stretching shots just to

Drake Bufflehead in Flight – Los Colinas, Texas | Daniel Lim's Nature, W...

A pair of bufflehead shows up at Los Colinas blvd where i frequent for hoodies in flight. I’ve longed for the skittish diver with little suc

Osprey at Lake Ray Hubbard, Rowlett Texas. | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildli...

This is a resident osprey at Rowlett side of Lake Ray Hubbard and closest distance yet i was able to get it with nicer background facing the

Pearland Bald Eagles – nest and eaglets | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife,...

Took a short trip to south Houston last weekend, visited a nesting pair of bald eagle at Pearland, Texas. The eagle’s nest is located on an

Drake Northern Shoveler in flight | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, Macro...

Took a trip to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge last weekend, a place i used to frequent but stop due to productivity. It’s good to see the

Western KingBird and Eastern Pond Hawk | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, ...

Another favorite one from Village Creek, a western king Bird flipped an eastern pond hawk with soft green algae as backdrop. It was in the h

Hooded Merganser in Flight, Take off | Daniel Lim's Nature, Wildlife, Ma...

It’s late in the season, only three pairs wintering Hooded Mergansers left at Los Colinas and not sure when they will head back to the North