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Well, at least they used a phantom. If have been more impressed if the phantom had caught fire.
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Good looking Ingress partner 
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Hear that? +Joe Philley​ would come to Alaska if we had a BBQ.
Anybody into agent led BBQ events somewhere this summer ? I'd come if we had them. agent led, agent run Whos has the best BBQ and wheres the Chili

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It really is terrible how much spoofers ruin this game for us all. Currently in a weeks time that I have witnessed this player has gone from Asia; Valdez, AK; Sutton, AK; Point Hope, AK ( where the only local players are currently in Fairbanks, AK) they thru that awesome link across the state that will take 15 hour round trip driving for it to be taken down. Then onto CA; Seattle, WA; Fairbanks, AK and now North Pole, AK. Very sad to see that the anti spoofing controls (+35 MPH) have no affect on them but add 2.5 hours of wait time for me taking a road trip and having to wait 5 minutes in order to hack each of the 30 portals on the trip.
+John Hanke+Brian Rose+Joe Philley+Brandon Badger+Anne Beuttenmüller+NIA Ops​
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This, 100x, this.
Seems that a lot of great minds are bent towards the same problem facing us.  Namely being the terrible new UX/UI that +Niantic Project gave us today.  After playing with my son today the impact of just how thoughtlessly terrible this change was as I watched my son trying to enjoy playing +Ingress with these horrible changes.

So on and off today between work and other design projects that I'm trying to get finished I examined best usage practices, the usage map that I've seen posted with good to bad UI positioning based on natural thumb/finger placement, and items that I've wanted to see on this screen for a very long time.

So here is my UI Mockup with and without the usage comfort map overlayed.
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Very nice. Well done adding some wish list features as well. 
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We've got the February  #IngressFS  stats compiled, graphs created and data data data everywhere! Come see how your city placed and don't forget to submit your March scores to us when we make the call out next week. Thanks to +Jordon Mizzi for all this hard work on this.
Ingress First Saturday for February had over a hundred cities participate with 47 of them submitting their scores for analysis. Among those 47 cities, 220,085,639 AP was collected between both side...
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+Joe Philley+Brandon Badger+Ingress+Kristie Lent


Oh the journeys and sites you'll see playing Ingress
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Daniel Lent

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"Waiting for the signal that it's time to move."
Alaska Resistance // Agent ID: Cathodetube 
Affected Cells: NR13-LIMA-04, NR13-LIMA-03
CC: +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Ingress +NIA Ops +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 

At the start of the new cycle, the local Enlightened team made an early morning push to grab MUs (Moose Units, Right?). While successful at taking the lead in the new cycle, it was short lived as the Resistance responded quickly.

"Any way we can layer?" - Unclebeldin

It's funny how a single question can change everything in an operation. The original plan had been drawn up well within 30 minutes, with only four links blocking. Single field, one agent to Gold illuminator, and the lead regained.

Re-examination of Intel, additional lines drawn, key inventories counted, and we had a new goal: 6 Layers and the cover of darkness with a midnight checkpoint.

While timing was tight, and one of the fields did not make the first 
checkpoint, we held strong for two checkpoints before the Enlightened could organize a take down.

Total MUs:
Field 1   67,952
Field 2   69,510
Field 3   71,567
Field 4   73,492
Field 5   75,607
Field 6   77,789
Total - 435,917

3063.24 km² covered. Almost the size of Rhode Island (4,002 km²).

Two Agents (Cathodetube and Frozenwheels +Kristie Lent ) received gold illuminator, and advanced to Level 11. 

Special Thanks goes out to the entire Alaska Resistance Team, including the following Agents:
Unclebeldin (+Mike McCabe)
Skeetnmove (+Ryan McCabe)
Mommamuk (+Brandi Odom)
Pnatural (+Troy Melhase)
TiaTrouble (+Tiffany Kurani)
AlaskanThunder (+Michael Lewis)
Chloraphil (+Phillip Rubalcava)
theonecreator (+Keith Martinez)

Their assistance with Intel, Key transport, Block clearing, and Communication was vital to this operation. Apologies if I missed any agents.

#ingress   #sitrep   #resistance   #bluefieldsforever   #cantseeroads  
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My first major op and at night = major fun! Thank you to all who helped field Anchorage! Great teamwork! Love spur of the moment operations! 
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Daniel Lent

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So many of my friends here on G+, know me through +Ingress . I do have family and other, non-ingress friends here. But a vast majority are through ingress.

Its days and situations like today, that really make any gripes and grumbles worth it.

This is the story of Bob.

For those that dont know Bob is a Devra shard in the Ingress story line. Specifically, its shard #31. 

Now much of this story is like other reports about shards.

We worked with +Michael Finley  and others that were in Quincy, Il. The shard had a great battle, but they were able to get it to us 1am Thursday morning.

+Sir David  +k treasures   and +Chet Nachtmann  were on site to help build a nice little nest for the shard to move around in so we had time to work out our next move.

+Jon Davis  , +Jason Frank  , +Holly Henry   and +Raven Nacht  were able to watch it at the 1pm checkpoint. Finally, at the 7pm checkpoint with additional help from +Jason Renfrow  and +Amanda Nachtmann  , the shard was moved.

However this where the story really takes a whole new meaning, and reminds me why I love to do this.

Our shard was linked from Missouri to Iowa. However, the link was thrown by the daughter of Chet and Amanda, named Lena.

Lena is blind. Obviously I dont know about every place in the world, but I have never heard of a blind person playing the game, let alone linking. Not to mention that she is very young, and also its a shard, so there was some added pressure. 

Chet and Amanda work with Lena on her iPad and Ingress is one fun way that they can teach her how to use technology in a world that is becoming such that you HAVE to use technology, but yet can also have fun doing it. They use braille on top of the outer case so she can know where to press. They have used apps and software that read things back on the screen. They have used hand in hand motion to show her where things are at on the screen

To give you some perspective (at the permission, and behest of Chet and Amanda), Lena and her sister were adopted from Ukraine 2 years ago. Struggling daily with these issues, +Ingress  has become a way for the girls to learn, and bond, with their parents.

Seeing all the congratulatory comm bombs from people across the country made Lena feel quite special.

The day ended with a fly over from the stealth bombers close by (totally planned) 

This game certainly has its flaws. Those of us that watch closely, see them all over. Its hard to go a while without reading something here and there...and many times they are right.

But where this games succeeds is the community it has the potential to build. 

+Kansas City Resistance - Ingress  has been so very lucky to have had such a great community for so long. We arent without our flaws, but its days like today that remind me of the great things a game like this can give us. 

A young blind girl was able to move a shard today. And now, thanks to many nice people, she feels very special. And our community came together, even in a small fashion, to allow it to happen. It also made for a moment that she and her family could have fun and she could just be a kid playing a game, and not have to think about everything else she deals with.

So next time you are bickering about why you dont have a farm, or why this portal didnt get destroyed, or any number of things that you may fight over, take a moment and remember the good it can do. Find a way to be good. Use the power of your community to help someone that has real needs. 

An additional thanks to +Andrew Buter  +James Skivers  +Kain Banford  and +.just d  for the intel.

Thanks to +David Dellsperger  for helping with keys. 

Thanks to +Jerry Heiselman +jenn ferson +Matt Urich +Aaron Vose and others.

+Linda Besh +Joe Philley +John Hanke +NIA Ops +Ingress 
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Daniel Lent

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Anker designs are up!! Vote for your favorite faction design :)   #Anker   #Ankgress   #ingress  
20 aspiring designers from around the world submitted +Anker +Ingress external battery designs, and we would like to say THANK YOU for your inspiring work! Of the submitted designs, we're excited to announce that 6 meet our requirements and qualify for manufacture. Please choose your faction and ...
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