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"The invisible hand of the free market, it turns out, is attached to an invisible idiot. "
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I'm not saying he is a Communist. And I'm not saying that the text is good or bad. It's just that when I read it I had really strong deja vu feeling like reading something that could be printed ages ago in a soviet magazine. Both stylistically and the line of thinking.

Actually it's ironic. Even more so if he is not a Communist.
+Daniel Lemire All the time. It had been started by Marx. He invented the theory that Capitalism would inevitably collapse. So 'decaying Capitalism' was a standard cliche used daily in all Soviet media.

But the most ironic part to me is obviously the one about putting the richest against a wall.
+Alexander Nikitin I guess if you stretch if very far, you could see Orlov as a Marxist... but he is really an anarchist. He does not believe in communism, for example. Nor does he believe in capitalism. He lives in a boat and he is ready to sail away.
I think for both of us it shouldn't matter who Orlov really is because we don't know him personally, he's not a part of our personal lives. I really don't care who is behind the text.
But the text itself to me passes the duck test: it sounds and looks like something (which could be) published by Soviet media.
You obviously can't have the same feeling because we grew up in quite different worlds and you don't have the experience of living inside the Soviet Union, reading Soviet newspapers and watching Soviet TV every day. That's why I have to explain it to you why it looks ironic to me.
The irony here has nothing to do with Orlov. It's actually mostly related to you. It's just a bit funny to me that a person, who is supposed to have anti-Communist views, likes a text which looks exactly like a Communist propaganda to me.
(I have nothing against you, Orlov or Communist propaganda.)
+Alexander Nikitin Ah! But I'm not so much anti-capitalist/anti-communism as I am someone who likes experiments and observation. Communism as practiced by the soviets failed by my standards. We had this vast experiment and I saw failure. Right now, I also see a failure of state capitalism. The US is in trouble with the majority of its population experiencing what might be described as a decline. Something is rotten there too.
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