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Top Gun 2? That's right, and in an F-35 no less.
Maverick is becoming an F-35 test pilot.It's true. Tom Burbage, the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme manager, showed up at a National Aeronautics Association luncheon today and dropped a bombshell of a ...
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Is that a good and anticipatory "OMG!", or a why-for-the-love-of-God "OMG!"?

I watched Top Gun over and over again when I was young, and I absolutely loved it. I just hope the squeal is just as good.
As much as I loved Top Gun in my youth as you did +Daniel Lee , Hollywood needs to stop simply double-dipping for profit driven reasons, as it has no more creative, original thought. So it is definitely a "why-for-the-love-of-God" reaction. LOL ;)
Now that I agree, +Austin Deely! Did you know that they are planning a 3D release of Top Gun this year? Also, I think re-releasing The Titanic in 3D is a totally lame idea as well.

Watching Top Gun again, right now. ;D
I did not, but of course not surprised as re-releasing/remaking all successful, blockbuster-esque movies is the current Hollywood de facto, modus operandi, du jour. I agree on Titanic for the most part, but must admit there was a part of me that was curious to see the ship in all its cinematic 3D glory (the fictional plot I could care less). But alas, I still cannot bring myself to waste money to see it.
Uh huh... and all my friends are concerned about are seeing Kate Winslet's boobs in 3D. Oh, and I've never watched The Titanic, and I will probably skip the 3D version as well.
Puhleeze! Now if it was Scarlett Johansson I would understand ;). I have been fascinated by the story of the Titanic since childhood, and fictional story aside, enjoyed seeing what Titanic was like both from an exterior and interior perspective -- Cameron succeeeded brilliantly in bringing her back to life. I remember I almost wept when I saw her on the screen for the first time in port in the opening scenes -- yes, I am a strange cat, but history moves me. shrug
I went to the Titanic exhibition at the Art and Science Museum in Singapore. It was really fascinating, and they even managed to recreate the rooms and the interior decorations.

Oh and hell yeah for Scarlett Johansson. :D
My banner photo? Oh I took that last year at the Singapore GP. I'll upload the uncropped version for ya if you like.
+Daniel Lee , please understand I mean this with all due respect and courtesy but I HATE YOU! LOL Singapore GP is a dream!

And yes, I will gladly take the uncropped sir! Thank you! I have to get some of my photos up here from when I went to the 2009 Brit GP and met Lewis (well, got his autograph at least). ;)
F35 is lame ... But the F22 is not carrier launch capable in the current version ... and that is also lame ...
I still love the Tomcat and its variable geometry wings. :D
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