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Daniel Lamb

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Remember #MemorialDay tomorrow is set aside to pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces. #VeteransDay is on November 11th and is a day to honor all who have served in the military.
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James my uncle was a military to he died 
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Daniel Lamb

Rants, Vents, Misc. Posts  - 
Any rock pounded sufficiently hard on your computer will prevent viruses. 
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This reminds me also of a species of user I really am afraid of; the "usaurus".  I thought these would be extinct by now.....
 Let us share some stories: the typical one.
Phone rings:
"The interface you made is crap! Does not work."
"From where do you call me"
"X part"
Hang up. Start worrying if all is OK, did I miss something?  Walk to the place.
"Hi, i'm the dude who made this cr....".
"It does not work, have been here about 20 mins trying to capture this number here."
Look closer.
Shake head.
Feel guilt about my poor explaining abilities when first released...
"Can you look what it says when you put your mousy over it?"
"Let us see, does it say something?"
"Oh, it does! nice!  numeric field, no text.  So I have to put here 100 instead of writing hundred?"
Walk back feeling only guilt.  Should I have been more explicit or change to bigger font?
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Daniel Lamb

ASP.NET / Web Dev  - 
MvcScaffolding empowers developers to create code that follows your own conventions in seconds!

There can be quite a few conventions to learn and follow when creating a new module or service. I needed a way to standardize and speedup the process. To do this I used the MvcScaffolding NuGet package and a suite of custom t4 templates.

 It’s all PowerShell and T4 templates so it’s very powerful and flexible what you can do.

You can define and require whatever boolean switches or parameters you want. By default scaffolding skips any existing files but you can pass in the -force switch to overwrite things.

I’m working on breaking down the steps so we can choose what t4 templates we want to regenerate. This will allow us to recreate specific areas when conventions change.

There are even some cmdlets to help with common tasks like adding a block of code to an existing class or pluralizing a term.
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May nei in andrea
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Daniel Lamb

Discussion  - 
I like the look of the +Netflix  #Vector project (built on #Angular ) for displaying high resolution application metrics... but don't feel like setting it up a server to play with it. Anyone know of a public live instance?
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Daniel Lamb

System Administration  - 
Great list on GitHub of companies (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offering #free tiers to #developers. Easily compare and make informed decisions.
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Roger wilco +Jeff McNeill, I have plenty of OSS projects I can share :-)
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I think it's safe to say that James Kingston is not afraid of heights. Is the ultimate selfie on top of crane in London, England?

Watch the climb here
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wow verry nice
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Daniel Lamb

Freq Posts/Tricks  - 
Anagrams are awesome.
"eleven plus two"
"twelve plus one"
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My bad... was thinking ambigram.
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Daniel Lamb

Off topic  - 
Found this while source code browsing today:

confirm('Are you really sure you want to delete this?\nWarning: Do... or Do Not... there is no Undo.');

#starwars   #geek
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"Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised."

A quote I wholeheartedly agree with from Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti after she brewed the first espresso in space on May 3, 2015.
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Daniel Lamb

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Haha, my eight year old can't wait to try to pwn dads computer now!
Here's why, if your children understand SSH, you should make sure they don't also know your password. This has sparked a lively discussion, and some glorious anecdotes, on our blog post at
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That was cute and impressive. 
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Daniel Lamb

Discussion  - 
My daughter wants to record Minecraft videos to share on Youtube. Hardware should not be a problem, I've got a beefy Mac Pro desktop she can use, along with a Yeti microphone. So my question is about software. Any suggestions for recording high-quality Minecraft videos?
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I woudn't use a camera unles you have the lights on and not behind the camera
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Daniel Lamb

➥ Art & design  - 
An ingenious mechanical anagram that shows "close" then "open". Interesting build!
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Nice one!!!
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    I strongly believe that continuous education is the only way to successfully evolve and grow. Ongoing professional development is a key discipline to master in the rapidly changing field of computer science. As I continually strive to refine my skills, I took several courses from Stanford online.
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Senior Software Engineer; JavaScript Architect; Author
Front-end Technologies, Latency Optimization, Advanced Object-Oriented JavaScript, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Progressive Enhancement, Design Patterns
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    Senior Software Engineer, 2000 - present
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