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The new update has cut off text in album lists for me. Same in the playlist.

Also as you can see there are two dropdown arrows in the action bar.

Oneplus One on CM12.1 just in case it matters.

Any plans for Android Auto compatibility? I've been thinking about picking up a head unit with it, but DSub compatibility is almost a requirement. 

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Album art is weird sometimes. Appears to be at full res instead of the display size. 

Does anyone else get strange notification behavior? I want the notification all the time. I have Persistence checked in the wifi settings. Usually, no notification. Sometimes the notification just appears when I open the app, even more rarely the notification checkbox will appear in the menu.

Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else seeing this?

A minor feature request that would really improve my usage would be to have the random album list only pull from the chosen folder. Appears to be present in the subsonic API, just not implemented.

Thanks! Hope others would find that useful as well. 

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Went on a trip to see the Redwoods. Also spent some time on the Pacific Coast, and did lots of fun driving.
Redwoods Trip
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Went on a fun roadtrip to Las Vegas to visit my best friend +Michael Stevens with +Ron Pyka including stops in Flagstaff to visit +Krishen Blows  and many gas stations. 3500 miles varying between the beauty of the Grand Canyon and crossing over the rockies (harrowing in a tiny fwd car that was wheezing a bit at >10,000 feet) to mind-numbing boredom in such states as New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, etc.

By state review:

Illinois: our home state and start, boring and snowless (when we left). Got out ASAP, headed south to Columbia, MO to visit a friend of Ron's.

Missouri: More of the same except a stop at Chili's in Columbia to visit Ron's friend. She gave us cookies. Waitress had impressively southern accent.

Kansas: Drove through this in the middle of the night. Saw first (live) wildlife. A skunk. Drove past many closed gas stations.

Oklahoma: Almost more boring than Kansas. We just cut through the panhandle. Saw first tumbleweed on the road.

Texas: Higher speed limits (kept below for fuel efficiency). Actual road sign that said "Don't Mess with Texas".

New Mexico: Mind-numbing desert. Straight but not quite flat. Billboards obsessed with clean restrooms.

Arizona: Largely the same as NM except Flagstaff, where we saw Krishen in his native habitat. High altitude, beautiful city. Cold. Unbelievable number of stars thanks to a nearby observatory. First glances of actually interesting terrain/mountains. We visited the Grand Canyon on the way to Vegas from Flagstaff. Enoyed it immensely.

Nevada: Home of Vegas. It's a bit garish to say the least. Some excellent sights courtesy of our guide, Mike. Got to see +Lisa Stump, who was also in town to visit. Saw Mike's new school, but didn't get a chance to see his home. Slept in the car surrounded by trucks at a "Truck Parking", as Nevada apparently doesn't believe in actual rest stops with pavement and bathrooms.

Utah: First really cool mountains and such. Beautiful state to drive through, much less boring than any so far.

Colorado: About halfway across, really hit the mountains. No falling snow, but plenty on the ground. A bit white-knuckle. The car didn't have quite enough power at the altitude. When crossing Vail Pass at 10,600 ft it had trouble doing 45+ at reasonable RPM. Not that I wanted to. Many awesome views, tunnels, mountains. First wreck, someone spun out going too fast down the mountain. Saw Denver on the way out and drove through it a bit. Somehow still ended up in a rough part of town. Slept at a very nice but vaguely horse-scented rest stop with astonishingly clean facilities.

Nebraska: Almost as boring as Kansas.

Iowa: Windy. I-80 isn't a blast, and wind blew over a dozen semis and a few cars and trucks of the road. Had to slow down a lot to avoid the same fate.

Then we were back in IL, although by a completely different route. 3,500+ miles, a few hundred bucks in gas, and astonishingly few other expenses later. Seeing the country on the cheap.
Winter Roadtrip
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Probably the most impressive 6 minutes of video I've ever seen.

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