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Daniel Johnson, Jr.
Empowering others to tell amazing stories.
Empowering others to tell amazing stories.


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Good morning from beautiful Cincinnati! This trailer for the Jackie Robinson biopic looks awesome!

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Approach the 6-second ad like a post-credits scene from a movie #strategy #video #advertising

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Create as many reports as you want now from Google Data Studio

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spotted on a freeway recently...

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"Keep yourself from being polluted by the world."

That's the admonishment in the book of James.

Yet I've become one who can't wait to see who's liked something I posted, replied to my comment, sent me a text, etc.

Then there's the times I've gone to these outside of regular social media to find some post, some article, some piece of content that will fill me up and gratify the desire I have.

Games on the devices, too.

My name is Daniel, and I'm an internet addict.

I've gone to these things, these places, for fulfillment, for "water" that sometimes satisfies. But only for a short while. I've gone there instead of going to the source that provides "living water" that truly satisfies and never dries up.

I've given in to impulses that arise from a fear of missing out. But I'm left living vicariously through others, often, sadly, jealous or envious of what I see. The resulting depression has led to not liking myself, believing lies I or other forces are telling me.

I renounce these ways. This cannot continue. It's time to unplug from the Matrix.

This Wednesday night I'm turning my devices off and will not be turning them back on until Thursday night.

I'm resolving to spend time in prayer before looking at notifications on my devices.

Create Balance - Promote Healing - Restore Wholeness

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Great tips here! #nutrition

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It was a great time!
Go Beyond Medicine Wellness Advocate Daniel Johnson Jr was on the radio recently:
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