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Listen to Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho - like you've never heard it before!
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You should check out more of Keith Lancaster's music; I first heard it at a choir a few years ago, and I've loved his music ever since!
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Well...I definitely learned something new today! This is pretty awesome.

#pinball   #arcade   #illegal  
“Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton, I must have played them all. But I ain’t seen nothing like him, In any amusement hall… That deaf dumb and blind kid, Sure plays a mean pinball” -The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” In May of 1976 in New [&hellip
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I never knew this....that's kinda amazing!!!
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Daniel James

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Incredibly hilarious ad placement during the Brazil v. Germany World Cup game: "No more tears!"
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Initials of the two teams combined is "brager"
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Happy July 4th! We just made some incredible Jalapeño Poppers, and, needless to say, they were completely finished in no time.

Made by the master chef, +Paul Jacob!

#LensBlur #Nexus4 #bacon #jalapenopoppers

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Dude no bacon in India...,,
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"Oh, that I had a thousand lives and a thousand bodies! All of them should be devoted to no other employment but to preach Christ ... I have not repented in becoming a missionary, and, should I die in the march and never enter the field of battle, all would be well."
- Robert Moffat

I can but earnestly pray that I might someday have the same heart and passion to win lost souls for Christ as Moffat and the countless others that have gone before me! "My gracious Master and my God, assist me to proclaim, to spread through all the earth abroad the honors of thy name."
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Daniel James

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"This is strength; this is peace; to feel, in entering on every day, that all its duties and trials have been committed to the Lord Jesus — that, come what may, He will use us for His own glory and our real good!"
- John Paton

Lord, help me to always remember that in all things, you work for the good of those who love you!
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My family gets pretty serious about Chick-fil-A's #CowAppreciationDay, as you might have gathered from this picture. Remember, if you dress up like a cow today, you can get a free meal at Chick-fil-A! #EatMoreChicken
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Dang it India I'm gone on all the good days first I miss national donut day at KrispyKream and now this ma favorite fast food! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! India has none of these places the musta recently added a KFC in India but wouldn't that be IFC?
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Do you have a monogram?
A monogram is a stylized motif of your initials, drawn decoratively.

Mine is on the left; it's a cursive D and J combined. The one on the right is one I made for Zimri; it's a cursive Z and M. What does your monogram look like?

And yes, I drew these on one of those kiddy magnetic doodle boards... 
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Daniel James

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Time flies like the wind, but fruit flies like bananas.
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This is awesome!!!
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I just can't help but Lens Blur all  the things!

Taken with my #Nexus4 running the #GoogleCamera in Washington D.C..  #LensBlur
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Nice tooo 
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Daniel James

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Shared publicly  - a world full of CGI these days, some practical and live stunts like this are quite refreshing and awesome!
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View from the top of the Washington Monument

Yesterday, my family was touring Washington D.C.. While at the Washington Monument, a random lady came up to us and said that her family member, who had a ticket to go up the WM, had gotten sick, so she gave us the ticket. The ticket was only for one person, so we were trying to decide which of us would go, when one of the security guards standing nearby overhead our conversation and said that we could all go! Definitely a Godsend.

We got to take the elevator all the way to the top of the WM, and it was incredible! The WM is 555 feet high, and was the tallest building in the world at the time of its construction. Here's a picture I took of the Jefferson Memorial from the observation ports. 
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Google Chrome Dev, College student, piano teacher, logic teacher, lawn mower, Angry Birds world champion, athletic coach writer for
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Christianity, Android, The Hobbit, Humor, Technology, AWANA
Hello! I'm Daniel Matthew James, nice to meet you! 

I'm a pretty easy-going, fun-loving guy. I'm a Christian; I love technology, social media, volunteering at Awana (a worldwide church youth program), LotR, athletics, music, and lots more. I love my Nexus 4 and 7 and I spend a lot of time scouring tech blogs and tech news. Currently, I am a freshman studying Electrical/Computer engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

One of my dreams is to someday work for Google, my favorite company. If you have any tips, please let me know! It'd be much appreciated.

If at all possible, I would like to ask you to not posting anything explicit, sexual, or otherwise offensive on my page. That includes language. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: if you follow me, it is quite likely that I will not follow you back unless you interact with my posts. Otherwise, it'd be impossible for me to keep up with the flow of information if I circled every random person that followed me. I'm looking for great relationships with y'all!

If you'd like to be updated on all the latest news about Peter Jackson's The Hobbit movies, please add my G+ Page to your circles: "The Hobbit Movies." Please use the #Hobbit hashtag when posting anything Hobbit-related!

Bragging rights
National Merit Scholar Finalist, 4.0 GPA in high school (including 11 dual-credit classes taken at a community college), National champion at the Agility Race: National champion at piano: World's best scorer at Angry Birds? But in the end, I can boast in nothing but the cross of Christ.
  • University of Texas at Austin
    Electrical/Computer Engineering, present
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    2003 - 2012
  • Austin Community College
    2010 - 2012
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I went here today to view the musical theater presentation of The Sound of Music, and it was fantastic! If you come to watch any of the shows, be sure to bring a blanket (plastic blankets/tarps are not allowed for some reason) that can get a little dirty. And you'll probably want some bug spray as well. Get ready for an awesome time!
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This is the most beautiful restaurant I have been to! The food is excellent, but it can't beat the incredible view.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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It's a great park; I go there every week to play Ultimate Frisbee on the spacious field. The facilities are great.
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Excellent service! I bought a '11 Versa from here a few months back, and it was great; I was able to get an excellent price for it after a lot of bargaining. I just went again today to get my oil changed, and their service was fantastic. The guy at the desk (Matt, I believe) was quite friendly and humorous. The waiting room was comfortable and well-stocked with coffee, donuts, and other things. I'm considering buying another Versa now. If you go here, ask for Jacob; he's great.
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Great church; I come here every week for the AWANA program, which is the best in the state (possibly the country!). The facilities are fantastic, especially in the new sanctuary building.
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I went to this Starbucks for the first time because I had a coupon for a free drink, it being my birthday today. The service was great; I got my free drink with no questions asked. The building is fantastic and spacious; there are lots of tables, chairs, and couches to sit on, as well as free Wifi. You should try the Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino, it's fantastic!
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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