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Who, here, batches their podcasting and does not have an interview show? What is your workflow like?

One of my podcasting goals this year is to try batching for The Audacity to Podcast. It's proving more difficult than I expected, but I love the sense of accomplishment when I know that I have more accomplished ahead of time.
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Neil T
We've gone from recording every day (too much work) to recording 3 shows in one evening and publishing 3 per week. Takes about 2 hours to do the record for our shows, then the editing is spread out over the release week. It's way more efficient for us to do that.

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Daniel J. Lewis

Podcast Websites  - 
Almost exactly a year after formally launching the Spiral Marketing podcast, I got to interview one of the first and most helpful podcasters I ever listened to - have a listen and let me know what you think!  
Episode 18: The Audacity to Market Your Podcast with Daniel J. Lewis
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Daniel J. Lewis

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Yes, it's possible to plan your #podcast in advance for an entire year! Here's how!
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Just reading the title makes me tired lol. Great topic, heading rich over.
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Daniel J. Lewis

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Daniel J. Lewis

General Podcast Discussion  - 
Need a graphic designer!

I'm looking to hire a skilled graphic designer who can create the featured images for my podcast episodes and videos.

Typical workflow:
1. Read my draft show notes or listen to draft podcast episode to understand the topic, plus any additional preferences I give.
2. Acquire appropriate imagery from DollarPhotoClub, Creative Commons, or other relevant and legal sources.
3. Design four images for the podcast episode: square, wide, and tall with text; and a square thumbnail without text.
4. Complete within 12 hours.

If you are interested, please email examples of your work and your pricing to (No referrals, please.)
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Daniel J. Lewis

Podcast Websites  - 
WordPress plugin for a video library?

I'm looking for a WP plugin to let me create a video library on a site. The plugin should also publish RSS feeds of new videos.

Any ideas?

(Yes, I know I can create this with posts, or custom post types. But I'm curious if there's a plug-and-play solution others like.)
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I'll most likely either use the Types plugin, or write my own PHP, in order to create a new custom post type for my site. But I'm still looking.
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Daniel J. Lewis

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What are your #podcasting  New Year's resolutions? Here are 5 suggestions!
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1. Training.
2. Diligence.
3. Keeping an open mind.
4. Investment.
5. Relaxation so I can do all of the above.
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Hi! I'm Daniel Lewis, also known as "the Ramen Noodle" from my clean-comedy podcast by the same name. I also host a podcast about podcasting with a focus on free Audacity, it's called The Audacity to Podcast. My third podcast, Are You Just Watching?, shares Christian critical thinking on entertainment.

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