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Here's how I chose to unsubscribe from than a dozen podcasts.
When're overwhelmed by the backlog of podcasts to consume, refine and simplify! This will give you more time, focus, and motivation for what matters.
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My latest technique is to only select the topic I need to learn about today. In this manner I will jump around from title to title and add them to the "up next" list.

Then I find this a very relevant and enjoyable listening. If I have several podcast I don't ever want to add to my list, time to delete.
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Daniel J. Lewis

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I'm looking for a venue in northern Kentucky to host a TV-show finale party. Any suggestions?

- space for 20 people
- broadband Internet connection
- big-screen TV
- live ABC channel reception
- access 7:30–11:00 pm on Sunday, May 10
- comfortable seating

We're also willing to make this a sponsorship deal for promoting the business in our podcast.

Any ideas? (Northern Kentucky only, please.)
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Daniel J. Lewis

Podcasts / Review Sites  - 
What did you think of "Sympathy for the De Vil"?

Here's our latest #OnceUponaTime   #podcast  with our initial thoughts.
Will Emma go completely dark and stay that way? Is Cruella really dead? Listen as we share our initial reaction of Sympathy for the De Vil!
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+Cubby "Hearts fandoms" Bear
I totally agree. Cruella seems to be the darkest villain on OUAT thus far, and she truly seems to be that rare exception in which evil is born rather than created. I didn't think that villains on OUAT could get anymore dark and insane than Zelena. However, Cruella was born a cruel psychopath, hence her given name, I suppose. I don't feel very much sympathy for the De' Ville anymore, except for the fact that her mother locked her away in an attic for years because she killed her father, but in their world, during that time period, I guess that she didn't have very many options when it came to getting her daughter help, though. I could have done with less Cruella, and a lot more exploration of the main characters, however. 
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Remember that today is April Fool’s Day, so do believe almost anything you see on the Internet.

Not even this message.
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Doesn't that advice hold true every day of the year?
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Daniel J. Lewis

*Spoilers* - This week in OUAT  - 
Check out our  #Podcast  initial #review  on "Best Laid Plans" from tonight's #OnceUponaTime !
Join us as we share our initial reaction of Best Laid Plans talking about Maleficent's child, the Author, Emma's potential for darkness and the two idiots!
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How to make your #podcast  mobile-friendly.

People are listening to, watching, and subscribing to podcasts more on mobile devices than anything else. Here are nine things to make your podcast mobile-friendly.
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Daniel J. Lewis

Podcasts / Review Sites  - 
What did you think of the TWO backstories we got this week?

Remember, villains use vertical video!

Listen to our full #podcast  for more!
We dissected Sympathy for the De Vil and chatted about 1920s fictional London, the sociopath that is Cruella, Emma going dark, the author and more!
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Until Meerkat​ or Periscope support video in the way it is supposed to be recorded and viewed (horizontally), I refuse to use either for viewing or live-streaming.
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I think its because it's designed for mobile, so you don't want to force people to use their phones sideways.
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Daniel J. Lewis

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Yes, the unspread rumors are true; my wife (Jenny) and I have decided together to move from Cincinnati, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona.

We made this decision after a lot of prayer and consideration.
Why leave "beautiful" Cincinnati? I do a lot of public speaking on podcasting. Phoenix is a 4–5-hour drive from Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas, which are the top three locations for most of the events I plan to attend or speak at: Social Media Marketing World, LA Podcast Festival, D23, Comic-Con, New Media Expo, National Association of Broadcasters, NAMM (whatever that stands for), and more. Being so close will not only save on airfare, thus allowing me to afford travel to more events, but it will also be affordable for Jenny to come with me more often, so that she wouldn't have to stay home alone as much. Even when she can't come, I would usually be a 4–5-hour drive away from home.

My older brother and his wife live a couple hours from Phoenix, so we would still be close to some family.

We'll make this move when our current house sells, which I anticipate to be in May or June—_after_ our contract with our Realtor® expires, because then we can lower the price to a reasonable amount without paying high Realtor fees.

Please pray with Jenny and I as we ask God for wisdom in negotiating, moving, and picking the right Phoenix-area suburb for our new home.

Once in Phoenix, we can also work on building an accessory building in our backyard for my new office/studio.

If you've ever wanted to treat me to a lunch, dinner, dessert, or anything other than coffee in the Cincinnati area, now's the time to schedule it!
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Daniel, best wishes on your upcoming move! We did a similar thing years ago (for a job at the time) and ended up going from central Ohio, to San Francisco, to Vancouver BC, now up to Prince George BC (I think our family fears we'll be at the north pole soon.) It meant big changes, but aside from being so far from family, it has overall been a great thing. (We LOVE the Pacific Northwest... hopefully you'll love Phoenix.)

(BTW, you're moving to the place of, IMO, about the top Christian apologist and theologian of today, Dr. James White of Maybe you can catch a sermon some day. :) )

All the best!
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What's new in #Audacity 2.1.0: real-time effects previews, better noise-reduction, support for OS X Yosemite, and more!

Audacity 2.1.0 introduces real-time effects previews, better monitoring meters, improved noise-reduction, support for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and more!
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I thought this to be a fairly useful episode to those using Audacity.

I will also add that the reason why the latest Audacity is compiled with Visual Studio 2013 is most likely due to the fact that this is the compiler version that is currently freely available for download, and has nothing to do with stability.

Simply put, the Audacity folks just want you to be able to compile it.

While the host had stated there where benefits to using the latest version of the compiler (ie: stability), the opposite is more far more likely (ie: the latest new compiler releases probably introduce more bugs than fixes). In all likelihood, it probably matters little what Visual Studio version you might compile Audacity with, as the underlying code is designed to mostly be cross platform-able, with the platform dependent code mostly being UI related, or related to sound SDK functions that are passed through to the OS.

I hope to see more shows dedicated to the technical side of podcasting, and pray this departure is not simply due to the fact that the name of the show coincides with the product.

Good Job Daniel J. Lewis!
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Daniel J. Lewis

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San Diego meetup details

We're excited to meet up with you in San Diego! Here are the details.

Wednesday, March 25 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT)
The Broken Yoke Café
355 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

Our present hosts will be Daniel J. Lewis, Erik Fisher, and Hunter Hathaway.

You're welcome to follow Daniel and Hunter back to the Manchester Grand Hyatt to watch them record their Once Upon a Time podcast.

Please text or leave a voicemail at (903) 231-2221 to confirm your attendance. Space is limited.
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Daniel J. Lewis

*Spoilers* - This week in OUAT  - 
Interesting twist about the clue, right?

Check out +ONCE - Once Upon a Time podcast's initial reactions!
In our initial reaction of Poor Unfortunate Soul, we talk about Ursula and Hook's dark past, the author, Ursula's happy ending, torturing August and more!
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