Social Influence Giant Kred To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Based Social App!
Kred, long known for its tools and platforms for measuring social influence is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency based social app called! Members will be able to create their own personalized coins, share them with others, and even sell them on the open crypto exchanges by converting them to Ethereum.

It appears the new app will run on the Stellar blockchain by default, and users can choose to use Ehtereum's blockchain if they choose. Likewise, members will get a new Stellar wallet by default upon joining.

Kred calls their new cypto based currency "Personalized Social Coins", insisting its not actually a cryptocurrency, but rather a new type of digital asset. The app will run on PeopleBrowser's SocialOS framework, coupled with the Stellar blockchain to record ledgers.

Crypto.Kred will be a separate platform from PeopleBrowser's Empire.Kred, the virtual stock market/social media platform that Kred previously acquired a few years ago (it was originally Empire Avenue). There's some unique perks for those who already have an existing Empire.Kred account, which I better outlined in the article.

I previously published an article several weeks back talking about the advantages of incentivized social media in comparison to traditional social platforms. You can read that article here:

Kred is making the right choice by innovating in social media with the use of Crypto based technologies, as such platforms are likely to gain a huge advantage over platforms that don't reward their users, like Facebook; and others like YouTube that often rely on outdated revenue models that have proven to be a total failure for the modern social web.
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