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*in progress*
I am starting with the face and working outward... This is a small detail of my newest doodle! *Screen capture from Photoshop (my second ever Photoshop painting).

Best wishes :),
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Can't wait to see your progress!
Love the reflections on the goggles. I think she must be yelling at a JJ Abrams movie with the lens flares in full effect. ;)
For me, it's like watercolors
 Are u painting whit photoshop ? or its base of painting is a pic ?
jac jac
Super legal....
Looks very good...I can only imagine the end product!
Daniel, please give me the link to your main blog or DeviantArt site. Your artwork is awesome and I want to follow it. Un abrazo.
I wonder. Do u work mostly with opaque brushes to get this look?
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