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Tonight's oil painting (IN PROGRESS):

I am working on a small series of figures in pairs. This one was fun to paint! The strong and very dark shadows provided a simple framework for the composition. I like the woman's face on the left, it sits in almost total shadow. Right now I am refining and shaping both mouths, and the woman's face in shadow. I want to see how little detail I can include and still communicate a strong feeling of her character.

Thanks G+!

Best wishes,
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I' like style process and feeling this pic
oh! am in my dream
*am sorry am a little bit Eng
You have a great talent +Daniel Ibanez a very deft hand
Looks fantastic so far!
nice one but why u captioned this picture as 'samsung'
Piya DG
OMG - this is so lovely!
Your really good. Fantastic light and shadows in the scene
Yu Bai
belle peinture~~
There is lots of expression in a few shadows and tones. I also like the way I'm left to imagine what they are looking at by the feelings they're showing.
Presencia y ausencia en los personajes...Interesante Daniel
fantastic!! real art rocks!! Oils are not my forte.. but wow!! Very nice!
Stunning - from a fellow self taught artist - see art on FBook :o)
Now this is beauty.
+Harrison Rose - It looks to me like they are communicating silently with each other, but the woman on the left seems to be amused by what she is looking at. Looks like the beginning of a smile to me.
it looks real
I see something more sultry and wise in the woman on the left, there is a hint of a smirk that isn't really a smirk at all, like she's thinking it rather than doing it. The woman on the left looks a little more naive, like her life experience is not quite that of her companion.
yes is beautiful ilike it
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