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Hello G+! Tonight is our  #digitalpainting101  Hangout on Air - and I wanted to paint a live portrait of a G+ user during the show. Join us tonight as a participant, viewer, or as the model! Models, please post below if you are interested! 

7:30pm Mountain Time, USA

Best wishes,

(p.s. - the image in the post is one of my digital portrait paintings)
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Thanks for the drawing please do take a copy of which
I'd love to join, this is amazing! If you still need a model I'm in :)
+Cassidy Douglas - that would be wonderful! Thank you for the offer to be a part of this :). Can I add you to our circle for the show?
+Marian Rodriguez and +Mahsa Borjali - I will create a circle for people interested in modeling/posing during Hangouts. 

I foresee having a "models" circle full of individuals that appreciate art/people/tech/etc and want to add something to the hangouts. I can simply send a message out to the circle and see who responds. We would then work out the time zones/schedules... and join the hangout at the appropriate time. Simple! 
Would love to be a viewer +Daniel Ibanez.  Do I need to join the hangout or is there a simulcast on youtube?
Willy G
sehr schön gemacht. gefällt mir.
Yeah tht pianting is really Awesome?
+Richard Hayes! Yes, there will be a YouTube simulcast. - I will check to see if we have room in the hangout as well
this is so good!!!! Amazing and realistic!!!!! love it
i cant beleive someone drew this
that is really good it looks like a real person
Hi , could I ask you to do digitize my photo ,if it's affordable?
Can u do that for me pls ?
Amazing its an oil paint?
ilike that .you paint ?
Great preview of what you'll be doing, and what a wonderful idea!! 
WOW!! this is great i used to be a model but not anymore i had to go to school instead of being a model for a little while.
OMG!!! Simply have no words... absolutely Awesome!! :)
would love to see one of my pictures done like that, its pretty cool.
I am super stoked +Daniel Ibanez ! I get to join in tonite & catch up with everyone! WHOO HOOO! :)))
Thats so cool, i wish I could draw like that!
This is pretty!!! :)
Would love to see how my portrait would come out! Lovin ur work!!!
I love it. It's so beautiful 
very nice! Great technique.
thats a cool pic but also scary kinda
+Daniel Ibanez, I am interested in being a model for your painting. Thanks for taking this initiative-- uber-cool!
who drew that picture????????????????
This drawing is amazing. is GREAT!!!!
Kris Su
Wow.  That is gorgeous.  
+Michael Amos - believe the time difference is 8 hours from me to Europe. When it is 1pm in Colorado/USA it is 9pm in Spain. 

We are all set for the model tonight. Thank you all for the warm words! For all of you who are new to G+... try getting into a public hangout or start one with the people from this comment strand (as +Francine Boudreau was suggesting) - take care everyone, and see you later! :)
Is it painted? If it is.....really good.
Jen Li
I would love to do this..but.sadly, I'm working..
This is a short video of my first digital drawing of a lion, I started it in a popular game you may have played called " Drawsomething". I decided to then put the picture into "Brushes" (iPad drawing app" ) and added more detail.

DrawSomething + "Brushes" For IPad

Great painting though Daniel! :o)
Did you draw that?! That is amazing! Good job! You are a real artist!
that is sooo amazing ut i wont be able to make it but i wish i could
That Is Awesome
Did You Draw This????
thats a painting?? i thought some one got an app on their phone and did that. thats so lovely ♥♥
That's so amazing! I wish i could do that...
your so talented wish i was in your shoes
you are really talented, lucky person i will never be able to draw like that in my whole life
That's absolutely beautiful, would love to see one of my photos done like that.
interesting and thought provoking...lovely..modern immpressionism...
sorry Danny boy.(really sad) i know im gonna miss this 1 again. man i checked the time diff and my time is about!!!!!! i enjoy ur artistic gift so much im really gonna try to make it next time. :-(
That is one cool painting.
wow i am socked i paint but not that well
wow iv never seem ant body paint that well even my sis who is the artist in my family
+Steph Bergy - I added you to the invite list. keep an eye out for the notification in the next few minutes! :)
wow beautiful painting love how you described the little girl beautiful
beautiful, i'm a drawer but shading is the hardest thing i'm doing now .......
Here right eye is smaller than her left but I love it anyways.
Wow !!!! Nice painting !!!!!!! 
wowww!! couldn't get my eyes off from this picture!
i wish i could paint like that
just , is there any thing wrong with her teeth ?! ;-) a kidding . very lovely .
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