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The last few weeks have kept me so busy that there is no time to update my profile with the newest work. It is hard enough finding time to make any new work! For tonight, here is a portrait study I did using Corel Painter.

More to come soon...

Best wishes G+!
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wow amazing....!!!!!! i like that...!!!!
so bad, there's a lot of softwares now, can convert pics into paintings..
it's so nice.............. i save it to my computer today only.......
+Hermie Aguilar - You must be careful when you accuse people of that. I never use software to "cheat." Drawing on a computer and with a pencil is the same. The idea that the computer does the work for you is generally not true. Some people use software to "auto-paint" - but that is not the norm. It is also not something I ever do. All of my work is done freehand.

Finally, this is not a photo reproduction.
+Daniel Ibanez oh sorry Daniel, I do not meant that.. I'm just really sad that there are existing softwares trying to destroy the real art.. and with your painting, I am happy seeing again real art.. yet in this modern world, passion will be in the big challenge with technology..
What is that use painting with tools?
is it still painting or live painting?
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nice work.please play light & shadow on your canvas...we...wait...
nice!!! very talented
Its a good start. keep going mate I want to see this piece finished. take your time, it might take a few more weeks.
cool this one from Corel x5 ?
Daniel you are very talented, beautiful, thanks for sharing
thank you for sharing, beautiful work :)
how much patents you have its very tough image
nice work can u do one of my babe if i send you a pic?
what i want to know is how go buy your work!! You have a true gift.
don't wish her on space just click on her
this is beautiful Daniel.nice work. Can u paint a picture of me please?
Ni Gang
I like a girl but she has got married.
omg!! that looks refreshing where is that? dang! that looks so clear
Daniel, your lady is looking so good. Nice work.
Its a lovey painting..................
Addy O
I'd love to see you record yourself while you do one sometime.
its really very good.... how much time you take to complete this
What an xpression,,,nice...!!
what a painting,the real one,love this...
is it live or digi mex?
Nice Work.and Awesomeness!
no comments bcse original pic is not shown
marvelous painting, lg rha hai jaise jaan daall diye ho isme....
your painting is nice................................
i like your painting. its realy pretty.
beautiful one! Daniel! great work!
Beautiful work...very artistic...keep it up..
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