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Trying to decide if I should buy this (see link) or wait for Galaxy S3...
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Once you upgrade to this screen size, you won't want to go back to a regularly sized smartphone. It's a great phone.
Can't hurt to wait a few days to see what the S3 is all about before you make a decision. That said, I firmly prefer unlocked, unadulterated #Nexus devices.
I have the nexus. Is a good phone with a very bad camera. So if the camera is important to you, nexus is not a good choice. Otherwise is excellent. Another thing is the battery. You will need to charge it every day, or every 6h with intensive use.
I agree. I love on the pure Google experience! I am just stuck wondering if the hardware (cpu/gpu) in the newest phones will be noticeably better than the Nexus. I can hack almost any phone and put a pure Google UI on it...
I'm always for day one purchases. If you didn't get one by now you might as well wait for the next thing to come.
I'm in the same boat. It's upgrade time and I'm playing the waiting game. Nexus, Waiting on The Note to come to Vzw and looking forward to seeing what GS3 will be about.
Bettween 3 and 5 /may we will see the sgs3 just wait till the s3 appear and let's see what does samsung have in santa's pocket :)
I don't understand what are you guys do with your phones to have 5 hour battery life :D Don't you guys have anything else to do other than playing on your Phone.. I think the battery life is OK. If you have other thing to do. If you are the person who can't let go of his/her phone wait maybe longer or buy a extended battery. Other than that The Galaxy Nexus Rockz!
see what the new Galaxy III have to offer, it is being unpacked at an event in London on 5/03/12, go to Google Play to download Unpacked app for all the latest news.
Never wait for the "next" thing.

You'll always be waiting.
i still cant decide if i want the galaxy nexus or the one s
its a tough call, the samsung build quality and lack of a real connected car dock are some issues.
Remember there is only one Google phone. The galaxy will be a Samsung phone. Updates etc will be up to the carriers. Also it will be skinned. Otherwise its bound to be a better phone hardware wise.
i have been waiting, still using a nexus one......
Great phone, best I have used.strongly suggested.
get nexus or htc one... samsung not upto their level... :)
You do realize Samsung made the nexus right?
HTC One (The Nexus Is Not As Good As The One)
"The Bad Thing Is That Google Selected Samsung For The 4th Generation Nexus Phone :( "
Just rockin the Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich train.
get the s3 man !!! it kicks butt, I got mine yesterday
Some of us run ICS stock no matter what the manufacturer does. I'm running it on both my Epic 4g and HP Touchpad and it is glorious. That would be my intent with the S3.
I just bought the HTC One - and I will be hacking Vanilla onto it asap... It's a great phone though! I also have Pure ICS on my old Samsung Vibrant and Touchpad :)! +Chris Stein - are you still in the Springs?
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