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I started a new painting tonight... NOT DONE YET! But here is the beginning. Oil on Canvas, 30 x 30 inches.

Best wishes G+,
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beautiful and will so look for this. the start to me is finished. yet artist remember when
Lovely work Daniel - wishing you much luck with it! :)
c'est très joli,très mystérieux aussi avec ces couleurs automnales..
nice pic.....we vll be wait...all the best
nice painting............. :)
NICE PAINTING,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
i want it..
very nice your create..
creativity is the ultimate.. create more and create...
a little bit nice painting(L)
I love the look on her face! Very nice!!!!
I must say, some paintings end up looking gorgeous when unfinished. this is one of them.
I guess someone with a blank stare or gaze were a woman with many problems in life
nice paint..
very artistic
Nice job I really like
nice art but who is the main inspiration of this art...........
tôi wish i have a my own picture like that..
Are you kidding me? Is this incomplete version? If this version is so cool, how would the complete version will be? Impressive work man!!!
finest art & u made it deepest.... look like thoughting about some known faces of her life!
That's wonderful! Looking forward to seeing it progress...Thanks for sharing your adventures in oil +Daniel Ibanez ! :)
hey "Hagu Mia" is this ur real name ??
i like your painting! :] would you like painting me?
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