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Daniel Hughes commented on a video on YouTube.
Lmao.. Hilarious 😂 

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At great wolf enjoying my 30th birthday with my family 

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Funny as hell 
Ok these #iphone5  jokes are getting old now, but this one had me laughing out loud the guys who made this did a great job!  Ok, let's get back on subject now :P  BTW You guys want me to do an iPhone 5 review? 

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At the kendrick Lamar concert 

+ 1 this post if you bought the iPhone 4 or 5 simply because everyone else had one and you wanted to fit in. Comment other reasons you didn't get a Galaxy S3, The clearly better choice. 

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Getting better...

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Loving my e4gt and the blue ROM.
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Google+ is pretty cool. The next best thing. Google is taking over the world. Watch
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