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CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.1) on Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100).
Heavy lagshow and far away from being usable.

Opensource audio, opensource gralloc, opensource hwcomposer.
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hmmm its ok let samsung release the codes !!
Thank you for not giving up! You and the other exynos4 maintainers represent the only hope to have a high level firmware for this high end device! :) 
Sam H
You, sir, are amazing. 
incredible. you rock all the way, thank you million times !! and the "opensource" part excites me even more than the port itself :)
CM9 arrived on 25/12/11 and hopefully CM10.1 should come by 25/12/12
good luck and keep it up :D
Looks like it needs a lot of work for reverse engineering.. good luck !! 
Kea K
ty for not giving up
Don't get to excited. It's really a lagshow. 5 seconds lag on every touch. And nothing is working.
Don't know why everyone's going "whoop whoop"! What Daniel is saying is... it's unusable!! :-(
There has been open source stuff for ages now, but they are outdated and generally broken so its not exciting at all.
tq for your hardwork, hope can see it working in near future
Wow I really thought the GS2 was completely dead. Amazing, amazing work.
I am running 4.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S1. No problems minus some slowdown when I cap my RAM.
Got 4.2 running on my GNEX, its awesome!
+Robert Mcelvenny you don't know what you are talking about. i9100 and Exynos SoC are different kind of shite. Thanks for still working on it, Codeworkx.
If its anything like the S3, the phone app will crash constantly and the radios won't work. Hurray for progress though. This is why the dev community is so amazing.
Question people...umm so is this unstable or something this 4.2 update...and I take it that people with rooted phones has 4.2?
I'd love my Charge to have options other than rooted Gingerbread variants. :(
I hate using cooked roms ... Stock always better
+Robert Mcelvenny GS2 and GNex is totally different devices. Heavy lags on GS2 is due to software issues (mostly due to lack of proper support from +Samsung Mobile), And GNex of course have official support, so 4.2 with no probs is what GNex have by default.
I own the GS3 and running CM10 
Saru saru bro but what abt automatic update and painful app. auto start without any buddy start or even tutch the App. too 
Wow Devs are truly amazing
I guess this will work in speeding the development for the #N7000 right +Daniel Hillenbrand? i got also an other question: are those (Opensource audio, opensource gralloc, opensource hwcomposer.) going to really give us the full/same stock ROM experience? or are we going to miss something? are we going to finally enjoy #JellyBean Butter smoothness with this OpenSource HWComposer?
I t so amazing phone i hope i can have one.
but we got to +Daniel Hillenbrand admit that we are lacking:

-HDMI output

-FM Radio

-Camera burst mode in #SGS3

-Hardware Acceleration (so no Butter experience)

-Broken audio library

that's what i was talking about.
Great achievement!!! You just gave all hope...
stock 4.2.1 is great.  stock 4.2 is perhaps the worst android version ive ever used.  i haven't rooted my galaxy nexus. 
I think one day the s2 might accidentally become some sort of a nexus lol. But by not is getting open sourced by this geniuses. Heard they open source irl is 75% done. 
Good works!

Where can I download this version and try this on my phone!!!!
Keep on +1ing this post and sharing it, this needs to make it to the what's hot list
Maybe, but the software is designed ...., try to get a new firmware ... if not possible, leave it like it is, or put it in the recycle bin ...
It's great to know that developers are still trying their hearts out on porting 4.2 to International SGS2 even if Samsung has become too paranoid to share the source code for Exynos4 chips. Keep your great work mate!
Thanks guys for keeping up. Really amazing job, what you've done!
It's great actually now, for other developers like the Revolt Rom for S2 is based on CM10 and it is buttery cool the developer fixed all the present problems like memory leaks and it's pretty cool, try it out if you want to have a great experience... Anyway great job dev. 
I was born in 60' and love what u said
Glad its almost here, hoping they solve the lag quickly. Cyanogenmod is great, they never let me down.
Nice stuff thanks for the update and all the work you put in.. I know it must be crazy since your own device is an Xperia now..! 
CM10 on my SIII is junk. VERY disappointed.
Can't wait for sph l710 +Henrick Steele cm 10 is great on my siii I started on experimental had problems then they released the stable and I've had no problems I add the nightly as they come up but it smooth sweet occasionally my notification sound changes by its self . 
i am running cm 10 nightly on my i9100, its very very stable and butter smooth.......
Since I went Nexus I won't be going back to CM. Just to buggy and not for me. If I ever buy a non-stock device, maybe.
Y get frizzing...and unstable lags? Trying too many time rset but.....cry...cry...crying....
+Bo Norris I had cm on my DX so naturally I would install it on my SIII as soon as it was available. I've been nothing but disappointed with it since day one. I understand they are still experimental builds, but I didn't have as many problems on my DX. Even the stable build lacks luster. I've seen many other ROMs that have impressed me more. I'm still on CM10 since I do have faith in the developers, but I would really like to see something special... I feel the devs are getting as fragmented as Android. They are trying to develop for waaaay too many devices now. Back in the day they had a more catered feel. I guess I may have been spoiled by the impressive service offered by CM before they exploded... Still, if they do not impress me soon I'll be saying goodbye for awhile and will start my search for a "better" ROM.
Where is The update for i9100g... It sucks
Wat is cm 10, im apple user, like to gather info. 
What screen shot app did you use? I have a vz galaxy nexus and I'm running 4.2.1 also but the ones I have paid for and or downloaded just capture a black screen and slow my phone to a crawl
i'm posting here and here, i'm about to lose it anyway just to let you know +Daniel Hillenbrand there was an #N7000XXLSA that is based on jelly bean 4.1.2 and is buttery smooth, i hope it can help you.
Any ETA from CM Team regarding stable version for N7100?

Pretty Please?
بهتره صبر کنیم تا اصلیش بیاد
Is there an absolute newbies guide to installing, rooting, Odexing and other stuff for stock roms for Droid phones?
Yay!! Can't wait to try it out! 
Is the updates released yet, or is It under development, I can´t found the updates!    Will it be published on as a preview release!
Can any1 tell me wen is jelly bean releasing...I have sgs2 gt-i9100

I'm already very happy with CM10 on my i9100, which runs stable. Now I'm excited that i9100 will also get CM10.1 soon. Good work +Daniel Hillenbrand 
Just upgraded my HTC desire CDMA to 4.2. Running fairly well.
I have CM 10 on my i747m S3 and t989d S2 been very impressed so far
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Subject: Re: CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.1) on Samsung...
its good but when for SIII

+Matteo Pietro Dazzi No, 4.1 leaks for N7000/I9100/etc are of no use.  The Mali/EGL blobs used by +Samsung Mobile in their releases have a totally different architecture from ones that work with opensource libraries.  For example, GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_FIMC1 somehow works on devices that don't have any FIMC1 memory reserved (dafuq?) with blob gralloc, and if you use opensource gralloc with Mobile's Mali/EGL, GRALLOC_USAGE_HW_FIMC1 causes the EGL libraries to derp hard.

We're stuck with ancient Mali/EGL from Insignal that provides all sorts of weird graphics corruption.  The Insignal release is a pretty big failure - development boards don't have to deal with carrier approval or wireless certification, so they should always be ahead of handset/tablet official releases - this is the case with TI's dev boards (like PandaBoard) and Qualcomm's dev boards/reference source.  Insignal (Samsung's dev board provider) is, however still working on trying to finish ICS more than two months after Mobile shipped JB to a handset.
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I guess, then, that I should actually be relieved that my i777 got stolen a few days ago...
Really good ROM is mmuzzy 4.2.1, just got it last night, pretty good.
WoHoooo! :-) THX for trying to make it work!
Tanks a lot for continuing the work on this device regarding the lack of Samsung support. I still have a hope...
Waiting for Jellybean for my Galaxy Note
Danny (or as we call you on IRC, Cody), you are one of the greatest persons in this world. You do what you do without any retribution, for us. I don't know how to explain how I'm feeling, I just want to hug you for about 30 minutes. Thank you buddy, for everything you do for your community. Stay awesome.
Thank you for continuing your efforts on Exynos4 despite Samsung not delivering usable sources.
+Jamie Barron agree, some comments here are a real pain. We are lacking some sort of autoremove-dumb-comment filter...
This made my day! Even though it might not be usable as a nightly yet, I'm just really glad that this great device isn't being left behind yet. The i9100 really is a fantastic piece of hardware, it's too bad that Samsung isn't making the full, updated source code available. Thanks so much for continuing to try to bring us 4.2.1 guys, it's really, really appreciated.
Can i do this to make my cheap kyocera work better??
We, the people, :-) appreciate all your hard work. Thanks
Well if the toaster is plugged in .....#Daniel hillenbrand
thank you for your continued effort in keeping this device up to date 
Wooooo its really good job for this phone i hope see this for galaxy note gt n7000
Sweet. Samsung users are trying to get an up-to-date version of Android :D 
My phone is only 4.1.1 i already checked updates to upgrade but theres no update yet available. Not available in the philippines? Samsung s3. Help me brother. Much tnx
Meaning.. this 4.2.1 is not really out in the market yet and not supported by samsung or manufacturer?.. ohhh. Thats why is not downable... ok.. i get it..
Also available for the good ol' Motorola Defy :)
4.2.1 is running almost perfect on the Infuse. Code still isn't merged and the FCs were due to gapps which has been fixed. 
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the great work. So you have achieved this feat with even Samsung's support...Great
Thanks again....

I will just wait for the official "real"-east from samsung... but tnx.. for the lil tip nice proj
Until Samsung releases the Exynos source codes completely and until CyanogenMod 10.1 is available for GS2 I9100, we should recommend to every body in our influence(friends) circle to avoid Samsung mobiles... This its how we can make Sammy pay for ill treating a former flagship and millions of loyal customers...!
I'll wait until we have 24 bit players, because I care about music.
I just recieved download of Jelly Beans for my Galaxy S3.....errol smith...Jamaica
What changed so much in v4.2 from 4.1 that everything is so laggy? Did they completely redo the processor code?
I have problems with 4.2 on galaxy nexus!
+Samsung Mobile, get your act together and release the source for i9100 (Exynos in general I guess)!  Good to know that the official 4.1 update is coming down the pipeline though, maybe we'll have CM10 "stable" finally, which will hopefully help on CM10.1 development.
Good work +Daniel Hillenbrand.
I have a trac phone costs 10$ per month.
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but its working fine in HTC explorer :)
cyanogen is the best. dont be ungrateful.
Wow! Good for you! You managed to cripple your device! How awesome! 
it almost seems to me that going to 4.2 is even harder then going from 4.0 to 4.1 and it seems to me that 4.1 did bring a lot HW related stuff. And the current 4.1 on my SGS2 works fine (paranoid rom)

Did google change that much under the hood again in 4.2 that the base of cm10 can't be used?

Not that i really wait for 4.2, what does that bring for us? Quicksettings is already done much better in CM or other roms, lockscreen widgets is also already possible. The only thing i wait for is multi user, but only for my tablet, so i am not in a hurry to get 4.2.
+Kaizaad Kermani in case you are not aware, +Daniel Hillenbrand is one of the devs of CyanogenMod who help to make Samsung's shite-ware working for AOSP roms. If you find your copy of CM nightly working well in your SGS2, he's one of the gurus you should thank. 
+Daniel Hillenbrand hey there's this ROM Jellybam that uses these so called "unusable" commits like gralloc, hw composer etc... but its running smoother than ever before and those old gingerbread loading circle is smooth instead of the normal stuttery stuff... why does 4.2.1 experience lagfest? 
I will take cm10.1 ..two plates with salt on top
+Chee Kit Chong why does win 7 need more power than xp? why my drivers aren't working anymore? it's still windows. huh? 4.2 is different. ;-)
You sir are a genius! :-) 
Not sure what your problems are. I have it running and it work fine. I'm missing the voice input function and did like the calendar app that was installed on the stock s3
Very good Daniel!!!
thanks for your hardest work!
wow wow wow when we i'll see the nightly build ??
You are good man
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Subject: Re: CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.1) on Samsung...
Naja..immerhin funktioniert die Geschichte schon mal.
Is there a link somewhere for 4.2.1 for sgs2 i9100?

I am itching to try this out.

I currently have jellybam 4.1.2 with mods for email (more than i hour sync option, mms (quick sms), navigation bar (7 icons) and 4.2 camera, keyboard, desk clock and so on. 

I also have neat rom xxsj 4.1.2 to which I have added all the above mods + ink effect from parsLand.

The only way out to soothe the itch is to go for 4.2, so I request you for the link.

You can enroll me as an official tester, as I average one rom trial everyday. I have tried out almost all available rome from xda forum.
thanks for the opensource job
thanks .cause it is my S III
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