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Dammmmmmmmmmmn this has some HOPs. Excuse the pour, I went a little agro in hopes of getting this in my gullet faster.

Sixpoint Puff. It's like Resin on roids.
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Keep tuning into the games their ratings will go up
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Solid description on how to use report formulas. Great post +Johan Yu
Salesforce: Win/Loss Ratio
Win/Loss Ratio is always interesting number for a company, by region, by country, until be area manager in a country. It can be either by opportunity  quantity or by opportunity  amount . To achieve this ratio, developer need to write complex coding, but wi...
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As a frequent lurker to /r/NHLStreams I'm very excited for this. I'm also a GCL subscriber, although the team I most frequently want to watch is subject to blackout rules. Looking forward to this app!
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Daniel Grossberg

Moto X (Previous Gen)  - 
Got sick of waiting for my carrier, even though we are supposedly days (weeks) away from an OTA. #NoRegrets 
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Looks like Mrazek is the first Wing in over 20 yrs to go to arbitration. At least he took down that questionable Instagram photo of him and his agent....
Mrazek is asking for $5 million per season for two years.
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Slight modification to +Henderson Santos​ post
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Anyone have any case recommendations? I feel the naked phone is a bit too slippery and would feel better if it had some protection. I tried the ADOPTED Protective Case from Google, didn't really care for the (poor) fit.

Any guidance would be appreciated.
Shop at the Google Store for Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, Chromecast, Nest, plus a selection of accessories.
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I just got the spigen carbon fiber. Gangster 
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I wanted to wish +Michael Rempel a very happy birthday!! Thanks for sharing your great Excel wisdom with all of us!
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Thank you +Ranyere Rodrigues !
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What a finish by Hagelin. Think Malkin puts on the Penguin sweater next season?
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No way
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You could be right, I probably listen to too many hockey podcasts where this question comes up and even the Pitt beat writer thinks its a strong possibility. Based on the voting, it seems I'm not the only one that thinks its might happen
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Rooms are clean, lobby is tastefully decorated and the attached bar & grill has a wonderful Irish menu and plenty of craft beer. Entrance is very inviting, we are enjoying our stay for sure.
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Clean, friendly staff. Hotel rooms are adequate, and the bar in the lobby has Pliney on tap.
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The door-to-door sales reps use a sneaky/misleading tactic to get the conversation going. Our experience was they asked to see our bill because we might have missed the 'offer' to switch to a different provider. In reality it was a way to see the 'compare at rate' to generate a new proposal. Would they provide more information about the agreement you sign up for? Not until after they collect all of your info, meter number, and process the switch, which won't take effect for two months.
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Jeremy is a good dude, was patient and worked with my budget. Show room is super clean, only downside is its a bit of a wait after you finalize a deal and get all the paperwork done.
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