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Sharing my #OKC #Oklahoma City Circle Again

Updated with over 400 people in it. I am not quite sure if the limit is still 250 on a share. But, nevertheless some great Oklahoma folks in here to follow

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nice. I think it was 250 the day they launched it. I could be mistaken on that.
haha. they must've found you somehow else :) surely no one sees this :)
Ahh, soyou are the culprit (again). Thougt all the new adds today had something to do with google apps access to google+ 
Yes, I must confess...I am up to these shenanigans once again.
Great share Daniel! Thanks!
Hello Casey. Welcome to our circle of crazy. :)
Hi Daniel, can you add me to the list? Thank you!
added! also is the tornado warning service based out of Oklahoma? the other list is Oklahoma Based Brands
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