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Media Junkie, Software Engineer, Writer
Media Junkie, Software Engineer, Writer

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A bit unfortunate for the time being. The mobile space absolutely needs more competition. And by that I also mean innovation... in forms like that Kickstarter
ZTE Cancels Hawkeye Kickstarter, Will Try Something New

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I'm foregoing the short story/novel for today... in favor of maths (though I know none of the people following me really need it and my goal is, as always, not to pressure anybody, but just to show how easily this could be accomplished).

But first, Thank you, +Jeffrey Hamby. Your donation put me up to $175 donated so far. I never expected to get even half of that through this campaign.. honestly... I thought I might be able to raise $50 and have to put it aside, and then just hope my computer didn't crash, but thanks to you and a few others.... Just... Thank you!

On to maths...
1,400/ 922 = $1.52 per person (closer to $1.75 with fees, and I'll use the fees-included amount in further calculations)
1,400/691 = roughly $2.20 per person
1,400/461 = roughly $3.23 per person
1,400/230 = roughly $6.34 per person

I haven't looked at the exact percentage withheld amounts but that's close to what has been taken out so far for donations. That's why I say it would be so easy to help me reach this goal. It doesn't take much, if we can get a substantial number of people on board. And with the current momentum...

Anyway... thanks for taking the time to read this... Again, sorry for the repeated posting.

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If it's anything like its (most likely) predecessor, it should be a pretty solid mid-range device for anybody living where it ends up being released. Good stuff. 

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Full disclosure... have to help promote what I write. lol. I have no use for such an app.

The idea of video features for such an app strikes me as both a good move forward for the company and as something that could lead to massive.... abuse of said features... depending on terms and restrictions. Cool for those that may be using the app, useless to me personally. 
Tinder Buys Video Startup Wheel To Improve Video Features

#Android #Tinder #Video #DatingApps

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This is just a great example of an idea that seems obvious, but which apparently took a Junior Member to pull off. Props to #rumboalla at #XDADevelopers
Play Store App Updates Can Be Handled By The APKUpdater App

#Android #Apps #PlayStore

Okay. I'm leaving this community. I've enjoyed it. But the porn's too much. Not that I have anything against porn... But this isn't why I'm on Google plus. 

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Not getting into politics. I'm just not. But I really can't believe Trump just brought up Warren Buffet again after Buffet released his tax returns already. I just... I can't... 😂

I've been thinking for some time now about posting some video of my guitar play. It's absolute shit, and the quality would probably be shit, and I absolutely hate being videoed or listening to my own stuff, but if anybody is interested I'm going to make a circle for this purpose. Let me know?


Google announces and unveils Pixel and Pixel XL. Internet loses its collective mind

People fear/hate change. People are, in general, cheap and have no aspiration to understand value and fail to engage in realistic comparative analysis. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme. Grow up, greedy children. That is all. 
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