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Part 2 of My Exciting News!! With the help of the +Springpad Team (especially +Devin from Springpad), I am thrilled to announce my new white paper called, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Things Done with Springpad!

In this new 15-page guide, I walk you through how to leverage Springpad to help jumpstart your productivity to all new levels! 

I'll discuss each of the 5 phases of the GTD® workflow and then I will show you how to apply each phase in the new Springpad! 

This guide is rich with detail and screen shots to help you get setup step-by-step! Plus, learn more about how I leverage +Whitelines Paper (the new Link paper) to automatically send my handwritten notes and drawings right to Springpad! It's only $1.99 and and I've setup some bundled discounts so that you can buy this in conjunction with the much lengthier Springpad eBook!

Thank you to all of you as always for your unbelievable support!!
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Kudos! Makes me curious of Springpad.. Could you briefly explain why I should or could use it (springpad)? Apart from Evernote which I already extensively use. What is the added value? Thanks Dan!!
I also would appreciate your take on Springpad over Evernote.
I just downloaded and went through your whitepaper. Good stuff. I found out that my GTD setup was almost exactly like yours. The only major difference is that I created a notebook for each Area of reponsibility and keep track of my projects using two notebooks (Projects in progress and Projects - Later) and I identify my project related tasks by having a tag with the name of the project.

Whatever works for you is fine, right?
Keep up the good work, +Daniel Gold !
+Ester Fleurke I prefer +Springpad over +Evernote for several reasons:

- visually more appealing
- task management is much more powerful (due dates, reminders, calendar integrarion)
- multiple types of content are supported (tasks, notes, events, bookmarks, products etc.)
- more collaboration features (sharing notebooks, commenting on notes, tasks etc.)
- also interesting to explore/discover content of other users
- tagging, sorting and filtering of items works very well (there also manual sorting, jeeeh!)

Go ahead take a look, it's free! ;-)
Hey everyone - thanks for the great question, +Ester Fleurke and +Anthony Russo. I think +Jasper Sauer hit the high marks really well. 

The shortest answer is that it really depends on your personal taste. +Jasper Sauer is completely right - and I raise that point more than once in my new guide! What works for me, may not work for you. You may decide to go all in with Evernote (the reason I wrote my first book) or find a hybrid approach between the two or any other service for your tasks, for that matter. For instance, you might love Evernote for its OCR capabilities, and integration with the Fujistsu ScanSnap Scanner, but want to use Springpad for everything else. The best part about productivity is that it is all very personal and that's what I enjoy so much about this space. 

But, here's the best advice I can give you all: ask yourself what few things must go right & what must you have in order for you have an online repository to help you get things done? Start there at the 50' foot level.

Then, dig deeper:
1) Do I need notebooks and tags?
2) Do I like a visual layout or a WIndows Explorer hierarchy?
3) Do I like static notes or "smarter notes"?
4) Do I want a place to create tasks and once checked, you can hide them?
5) Do I want to be able to create checklists and then once items are checked off, I can hide them?
6) Do I want the tool to remind me of tasks and other reminders?
7) Do I want the ability to add events that'll integrate with Google Calendar?
8) Do I want to be able to go paperless and scan documents that'll go right into the app?
9) Do I need the ability to OCR scanned docs to search against what I've scanned?
10) Do I want an ecosystem of 3rd party integrations to make the tool more useful such as scanning apps, handwriting apps, drawing apps, QuickOffice, etc?
11) Do I want to share with team members, clients & family? Consider that Springpad is free and to edit notes in Evernote "sharee" must have  a Premium membership when sharing.
12) Do you want to receive notifications about activity in shared notebooks?
13) Do I want the ability to just create a note and leave the app?

There's a good starting point for you. Once you've really analyzed what is most important to you, you can begin to make smart choices as to which tool is best for you. But once you decide - definitely stick with it! 

Happy to help answer any other specifics as always.
+Simon Thomson - Thanks and that's a really good description of Springpad. I'm looping in +Devin from Springpad as I know she always likes to see great use cases. I definitely replaced Pinterest with Springpad a while ago! I'd love to hear more details! It's definitely useful to everyone here! Thanks!
Oh thanks guys! I'm gonna definitely have a look today at Springpad. Must say that Evernote is awesome for capture and organize but I'm still struggling with fully using it GTD style. I have a pc laptop and a galaxy note.
Great discussion, guys! I love hearing about the ways you use Springpad in all areas of your life. For me, it is an useful tool to help me organize all my many passions. I find myself into so many different things, from art to movies to travel, and then of course there is my passion for writing. Springpad is a place where I can collect all of my inspirations and things I want to do in one place, so I can actually remember to go back to them later! 

I'm always looking for good use-cases for blog posts, so if you'd like to share how you are using Springpad, feel free to email me: 
+Ester Fleurke You bet! And I can't wait to see what you come up with! Let me know when you start filling your Springpad notebooks up!

+Bojan Djordjevic Absolutely! Same link - convenient, eh? :) Thanks as always for all of your support!
Just got my copy of your paper.  Looking forward to seeing how you use Springpad for GTD.  I love Evernote for many things, but I can see Springpad being very useful for some other areas. It's always great to see different perspectives and possibly improve a method that isn't working so well, or even add something I hadn't thought of before.
Hi +Teresa Hummel - thanks so much!! I really hope you enjoy it and look forward to your thoughts! Thanks!!
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