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#OnePlus #InsanityWeek is almost over and it is going out with a bang! For Day 5 we’re giving 72 OnePlus Ones to our wonderful fans. There’s never been a crazier way for you to win one of our 64GB flagship killers.

1. Share this message with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek and tag 2 friends
2. Fill the following form:
3. Go insane!

We’ll be announcing a new winner every 20 minutes. Find out what all the hype is about and join the Insanity!

The contest for Day 5 starts now and will close on Saturday, October 18 at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST). More info about this contest:

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Day 2 of #OnePlus #InsanityWeek - we’re giving away 2! Share this message & share the Insanity!

1/ Share the following post with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek
2/ Fill out the following form: 3/ Join the OnePlus Forums or sign up for the newsletter
4/ Go insane!

The contest for Day 2 starts now and will close on Wednesday, October 15 at 12.00 pm (6.00 am CST). It is only open to participants from our 16 launch countries.

More info about this contest:

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Taking theming to the next level

Theming has come a long way. It started out with the T-Mobile Theme Engine during those good ol’ CM7 days and now it has reached the super awesome CM11 Theme Engine. Theme Engine has allowed us to completely change the look of our phones – to make us love our devices more than ever.

Themers work way harder than you think – we review each and every element and go through various lines of code AND drawables. As I have said, it’s a pain in the butterflies sometimes.

I released the first theme in the world to have a built-in color chooser a while back. It was Fi and it allowed the users to use various colors/variants of the theme without having to pay for each and every color separately. The core mechanism behind this is pretty simple - what you buy from the Play Store is actually nothing more than a companion that installs additional apps that work as themes. While TE is wonderful, it has its flaws and one of them is that there is no native support for just this which makes the seemingly overly confusing flow necessary. I’ve contacted CyanogenMod and requested them to implement the much-needed feature and would probably be working with them to do so if they were be up for it.

Now, about the design: Using your own original design is a very important thing. The application’s design is what defines you, what sets your theme apart. Using a design already used by (or something similar to) some other person’s design is something I don’t recommend as users would not see anything new and some might even start trashtalking. Nobody wants that, nobody likes that. Creating a design is simple – have an open mind, take inspiration but do not copy. There have been a lot of issues regarding kanging and copying but let’s not go there right now. This is about setting you apart. This is about revolutionizing.

I attached a demo/concept of how your companion application could look like – It only took me 15 minutes. Keep your mind open and believe in yourself.

A huge shout out to all those amazing themers out there who have set a mark in the theming world. I’d like to tag some which I know personally who have really worked hard and have aimed to provide you the best - +Nikolai Prettner, +John Xionidis, +Nick Rayford, +Jacek Malinowski, +Kiriakos Kanatsaris, +Lo Huot, +Manuel Labrador Vianthi, +Jose Angel Galvez, +Carlo Savignano, +Philipp Schumann

Thank you all of you for being original and for working so hard for the whole community. I salute you.

(These are just the people I know, there are way too many to thank, one post can't do enough. So please +1 and reshare as much as you can)

Cheers people!

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A google play/material design concept of how the Netflix app might look.

On the main screen not a big change, just different transitions and obviously white instead of dark. 

The individual movie screen has a google play inspired card look aswell as a similar overlay effect when scrolling. 

+Android +Netflix 
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