Tip 1/21: Your Personal #GoogleSearch  Trends History
Google boasts over 3.5 billion searches per day, resulting in 100 Billion searches per month, which totals 1.2 trillion searches per year. How many of those searches were performed by you? What days and which hours do you perform the most searches? 

Since Google was first launched as a search engine (back in 1998), we'll start this series with an awesome tip related to Google Search and how you've been using it.

Google Search Trends History Panel

Did you know that Google keeps track of every search you've ever performed? Ok, you probably did. But, did you know that all of that data can be visualized into personal activity usage graphs / calendar view / top searches and more? Well.. It can!

Personally, the hours I Google the most are between 10am to 4pm. My most active searching days are Sunday & Tuesday, and my most active searching months are January & May (screenshots on the blog: http://bit.ly/21GoogleTips). I can also check out my most common queries, top sites and most clicked links.

Stats you can check on Google Search Trends:

► Hourly search activity
► Daily search activity
► Monthly search activity
► Activity by day (calendar hotspot view)
► Top clicks
► Top queries
► Top sites

More things yo can do:

► Filter results by category (web, images, videos, maps & more).
► Delete specif items from history.
► Search your web history.
► View saved Google bookmarks (soon to become Google Stars).
► Opt out option (more below).

Your stats, and a really cool technique you can use:

Interested in discovering your own searching habits?
Head over to: https://history.google.com

Want to know what you've searched for in a very specific date? You can navigate to it using the calender activity panel, but there a much easier way! Click on any date in the activity panel, wait for the page to refresh and then in the address bar - change the end of the URL to any date.

For Example: If you want to navigate to searches you've preformed on the 8/21/2013, change the numbers at end of the URL to 8, 21 & 2013. It will look like this: month=8&day=21&yr=2013 (screenshot on the blog).

Overwhelmed by all this data? You can easily opt out...

Note: Turning off your search history may limit or disable features such as Google Now, smarter search results and predictions, and recent searches on mobile devices.

But with that in mind, if you still want to opt out it can be easily done. Head over to the Gear Icon in the top right corner, hit Settings and then click on Turn Off. You can also delete all past Google search activity if you wish.

For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

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